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PS5 release date possibly leaked — and it's later than Xbox Series X

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Update 9:39 am ET: A new leak from Amazon Japan points to the PS5 release date being November 20.

The PS5’s release date may have just surfaced in an unexpected source — or a tech publication could be reading into two unconnected facts. Either way, we now know a few interesting things about the PS5s media remote, courtesy of a leaked instruction manual. 

The PS5 could debut as early as November 17, but no earlier, apparently. The timing has almost nothing to do with the Xbox Series X, which will come out on November 10, but almost everything to do with Disney+.

Information comes from Brazilian tech news site Tecnoblog, courtesy of GamesRadar. Tecnoblog got ahold of an instruction manual for the PS5 Media Remote: an accessory that lets you control a PS5 like a streaming box or Blu-ray player. (The PS2, PS3 and PS4 have all had similar accessories, as have all of the Xbox iterations.) Like many modern streaming remotes, the PS5 accessory will have four dedicated buttons that launch specific services. In Brazil, these buttons be reserved for Netflix, Spotify, YouTube and Disney+ — which won’t be available in Brazil until November 17.

As such, Paulo Higa of Tecnoblog reasons that the PS5 can’t launch before November 17. The media remote will launch alongside the PS5, and Sony wouldn’t sell an accessory with a nonfunctional button, he wrote.

ps5 media remote

(Image credit: Sony)

While November 17 does indeed seem like the earliest date for the PS5 launch, it probably doesn’t have that much to do with Disney+. Sony will want to wait at least a week after the Xbox Series X launch, and Microsoft’s console will be out on November 10. Theoretically, Sony could try to jump the gun and launch on November 6, but the general consensus has been that Sony would wait for Microsoft to release its new console first.

Furthermore, streaming remotes can and do launch with nonfunctional buttons — probably more often than you’d think. (The Sling AirTV and the Roku Wireless Speakers spring to mind.) If Sony did choose to launch on, say, November 6, I don’t think a Disney+ button would shake anyone’s faith in the electronics giant. Both Sony and consumers are fully aware that Disney+ is coming, and having to wait a few weeks for a shortcut button to start working is a relatively small ask.

In other words, the PS5 probably won’t come out before November 17, but tying that to the Disney+ release date in Brazil feels a little like reading tea leaves. And even if November 17 is the earliest date, we still have no idea what the latest date would be. Assuming that Sony wants to launch its console in November, either the 20th or the 27th could be a good candidate. But Microsoft decided to buck convention and launch on a Tuesday; who’s to say that Sony won’t do the same?

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