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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller sliced to $59 at Amazon

Nintendo Switch deals
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If you’re looking to take your Nintendo Switch gaming to the next level, or if you find the smaller buttons and thumbsticks on the Joy-Cons a little uncomfortable for longer play sessions, you need a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. 

This official premium controller is rarely discounted, but right now you can get a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller for $59 at Amazon (opens in new tab). That’s a healthy $11 off its usual $70 price tag.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller: was $70 now $59 @ Amazon (opens in new tab)
The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is the best way to play games on Nintendo's popular console. With its premium design and spacious button layout, it'll take your Switch gaming up a gear. It's currently $11 off at Amazon, which is the lowest we've seen the controller since Black Friday.  

This is the lowest price we’ve seen the pad since Black Friday, and back then this deal didn’t stick around for long. We expect this time stock will be equally hard to come by, so definitely get yours now to avoid disappointment. 

We’ve consistently ranked the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller among the best Nintendo Switch accessories out there, and once you’ve played with it you could struggle to ever go back to using the Joy-Cons. 

It’s got all the features you need in a Switch controller including HD rumble, gyroscopic motion controls, and a built-in Amiibo reader — so you’re not sacrificing any features compared to playing on the default Switch controllers. 

If you take Super Smash Bros Ultimate or Mario Kart 8 seriously then the Pro Controller is a must-have. Not only will its button layout make pulling off fancy combos and tight drifts a breeze, but it’s super comfortable to use for longer sessions so perfect if you’re putting in the hours to improve. 

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is pretty versatile as well. It can be used in both docked and undocked mode, which makes it a great travel accessory. You can even pair it with a PC, though you will have to make some adjustments. 

If you’re after a Nintendo Switch itself to pick up alongside a Pro Controller then we’ve got a guide to the best place to buy a Nintendo Switch, this will come in handy as even four years after launch the console is still proving elusive. 

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