Making music with LUMI – just follow the lights

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Ever wanted to learn the piano? You're not alone. It's one of the most popular instruments the world over, capable of playing both chords and melodies at the same time and ubiquitous in most musical genres.

Picking up the piano or keyboard is like learning a new language, a new art form and a new way of expressing yourself, all rolled into one. It’s not just a creative pursuit but great for mental health too – boosting brain-positive chemicals like serotonin and dopamine. Music to your ears, but the benefits of learning an instrument don’t stop there – children, adults and seniors alike can all experience increased neural pathways, which in turn enhance cognitive abilities.

LUMI makes exploring the world of piano fun and functional for everyone. A solid, portable multi-coloured keyboard and accompanying app, it's lit in every possible sense, finely tuned for all ability levels, lifestyles, and all kinds of music.

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With 24 illuminated keys, the LUMI keyboard is about the size of a standard tablet, and you can pair it with an iPad or your Android device of choice via Bluetooth. You can even use it with a smartphone for ultimate portability.

Either way you get a tailor-made, gamified experience of piano learning that you can take with you everywhere. The device itself is easy to slip into a messenger bag or backpack, but solid and substantial enough to feel like an instrument instead of a toy.

It's all powered by the accompanying LUMI Music app (available on the Apple App and Google Play stores) for over 1,000 individual musical journeys.

With personalization at its heart, it’s a musical hub for the whole family, offering a communal learning experience so parents and kids can accompany each other on journeys into the worlds of Beyonce, Bowie and Beethoven.

Family membership features up to five unique user profiles, tracking scores and progress, or collaborating on duets. Game nights may never be the same.

There's no wrong way to learn with LUMI Keys, and it comes loaded with a huge range of games, features, and tutorials to get all ages off to a fun, simple start. Songs can be paused or slowed down, all while being illuminated by Brightkey technology’s groundbreaking RGB lights.

Right from the start, you can play along with your tune of choice from an ever-growing catalog of 800 songs featuring everything from ABBA to Adele, Beyonce to Billie Eilish, and Verdi to Wagner. More songs are added every month.

There are also more than 200 intuitive, gamified chord and scale exercises as well as dedicated games like scrolling platformer LUMI Springboard and extra-dimensional adventure Superluminal – teaching you key signatures while you shoot asteroids and blast enemy ships.

However you choose to level up your playing, LUMI Keys keeps score and tracks your progress with every keystroke, so you can always see exactly how much better you're getting.

And how many family challenges you're winning, if that's the way you want to play it…


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That's just a few of the ways that LUMI keeps learning fun and reactive, evolving with you and yours as you progress through a curriculum meticulously crafted by industry experts.

As well as games and exercises to explore, you have over 250 carefully crafted, bitesize lessons delivered by a wide range of professionals.

More advanced players can hone their experience, too. Add two more octaves by snapping a second device into place via magnetic DNA connectors. Those RGB lights can be assigned to chords and scales while you’re composing, and background rhythms will fire up the imagination. Plus the playing surface is pretty generous, for those less fine-fingered.

Want to progress to sight reading traditional sheet music? LUMI Keys can get you there. Or if you'd rather develop your instincts for a strong chord progression, LUMI has that covered too. Whatever games, tools and lessons you and your family use, you can all learn exactly the way you want to.

Start your journey this Black Friday with 20% off, and let LUMI take you from your first chord to your first concerto, while loving every step along the way.