Killer Apple Music deal: Get 5 months for free right now

Dolly Parton Apple Music deal
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If you’re new to subscription-based music apps and looking for a good free trial, we’ve found the perfect offer for you. Dolly Parton just teamed up with Apple and Shazam to collaborate on a tempting offer from Apple Music. 

Apple, in partnership with Dolly Parton and Shazam, is currently offering up to five months of Apple Music for free to new subscribers who identify the country artist's latest hit "5 to 9" via Shazam. Although the promo was part of Sunday's Super Bowl commercials, you can still get the offer via the link above. (You must open it via an iOS device). Hurry though, since the promotion expires on March 31.

Apple Music: was $9.99/month now free for the first 5 months @ Shazam

 Apple Music: was $9.99/month now free for the first 5 months @ Shazam
This promotion currently offers up to five free months to new subscribers who identify Dolly Parton’s single "5 to 9" via Shazam. Launched in 2015, Apple Music is a music and video subscription-based streaming service for iOS devices. 

Apple Music is one of the best music services available right now. This streaming app is priced at $9.99 per month, with $4.99 for college students and $14.99 as a family subscription. Typically, all new subscribers get three months free of charge. And after the company acquired Shazam back in 2017, Apple regularly offers different promotions and free trials through the music recognition app.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the works of the country artist Dolly Parton, she has recently recreated her 80s hit “9 to 5” into a new single called “5 to 9”. The new song was played during the Squarespace commercial at Super Bowl 2021. Ahead of the game, the singer tweeted that users who use Shazam to identify the song will be able to activate the offer. However, if you missed out on the opportunity, no need to worry, you can still claim your free five months by Shazaming “5 to 9” now.

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