Halo Infinite leaked footage teases a major missing mode

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Update: Halo Infinite's co-op mode has been delayed again.

Forge Mode has been one of the staple parts of the Halo franchise since the release of Halo 3, way back in 2007. Unfortunately Halo Infinite launched without the map-making tool, and there’s no telling when it might actually arrive. 

But a reportedly-leaked video of the mode has just hit YouTube from Unseen Halo, which claims it came from a second channel Thisistheone. The latter posted several Halo Infinite leaks back in September, and absolutely nothing else.

Meanwhile Unseen Halo is best known for posting Halo content that hasn’t been seen before, particularly stuff that was cut from past games. The Forge video is the perfect example, and shows off some of the features we might be able to expect from the upgraded tool.

The video itself is almost an hour long, and won’t be a major surprise to anyone familiar with Forge in previous Halo games. The user is able to fly around a giant map, placing and manipulating objects from a very long list. Like Halo 5, it appears to let you manipulate plant life and terrain.

A second, much shorter, video also shows off what it claims to be various effects you will see in Forge — including the classic Halo multiplayer teleporters.

The video seems more focussed on showing the items available than how Forge actually works this time round. There’s a lot we don’t know, but according to 343i Forge is set to be a lot more advanced than in previous Halo games — potentially more on the line with actual game development tools.

In fact, a previous leak showcased what looks like a full scripting system that essentially meant Forge had more in common with a game engine than a humble map maker. At the very least you’d be able to create brand new game modes, rather than just tweaking existing ones.

If that does end up being the case, it’s clear why Forge had to be delayed and didn’t launch with Infinite last December. However, we still don’t know when the mode, or any of the other missing features, will actually arrive in Halo Infinite. 

343i previously said it would be at least six months after launch, which would put the earliest possible release date in June. But that’s no guarantee. For the time being I’d just like to be able to replay campaign missions without having to start the game afresh.

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