Meet the hot new Wordle alternative for movie buffs

Framed game on iPhone 12 Pro Max
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Fancy yourself as a movie buff? Well here's the chance to prove your encyclopaedic knowledge of cinema with a new Wordle alternative that swaps out words for films. 

It’s called Framed, and the premise is simple: You’re given a still image from a movie and have six guesses to identify the film. Things are made a little easier as the image changes with every incorrect guess, so don’t give up hope if the first frame has you stumped. Plus, you can scroll back through previous stills to look for further clues as the game progresses.

Of course, the main goal is to guess the film in as few attempts as possible then (once you’ve got a score you’re proud of you) post directly to social media to boast about your film-watching credentials. 

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The game doesn’t appear to be dedicated to any specific genre of film, so presumably could feature frames from everything from blockbuster action movies to arthouse dramas. In fact, the site's information page merely states that the answers are "picked from a kinda curated list compiled by me."

That said, today’s Framed answer is definitely a film that you will have heard of. No spoilers here, you’re just going to have to work it out for yourself. 

Framed is the latest daily guessing game in the rapidly growing collection of the best Wordle alternatives. Music fans will love Heardle, which offers players a snippet of a song to identify, soccer-fans have Who Are Ya?, which tasks you with guessing the name of a soccer player, and if you want something a little more mentally taxing there’s Mathler, which swaps out letters for numbers. 

There's also Adverswordle; a recent entry on the list, this flips the table by having you come up with words for an Al opponent to guess. This alternative to the wildly popular New York Times-owned original is particularly enjoyable, as it allows you to experience life on the other side of the Wordle board. 

If you’re still playing the original Wordle, we’ve got a whole host of articles that will help you keep your streak running. For starters make sure you’re playing one of the best Wordle start words, and be sure to take some Wordle tips and tricks from a Tom's Guide editor who has played every single game to date and only lost once. 

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