Buy a smart TV with confidence thanks to Hisense's 100-day money back guarantee

Hisense Regret Nothing Guarantee
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Buying a TV has gotten downright exhausting. First, there's the marketing jargon. 

Manufacturers seem to believe that dreaming up progressively more confusing buzzwords constitutes a valid marketing strategy. They're not content to let customers simply do their research, nor are they willing to say up-front what each model does. Instead, they hammer their prospects with an endless tide of overblown hype and half-truths. 

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That would be bad enough without the fact that the cost of a quality model usually lands somewhere north of several thousand dollars. At that price, you should be able to buy with confidence. That's another area in which manufacturers fall egregiously short. 

Most of them claim to offer a money-back guarantee. Unfortunately,  said guarantee usually comes with so many strings attached, one might run the risk of voiding it by opening the box the wrong way. And don't go in expecting to understand the laundry list of terms and conditions, either. 

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Those documents aren't written for the buyer. They're drafted by lawyers for other lawyers. And the customer inevitably gets the short end of the stick. 

It's almost enough to make one long for the days of Cathode Ray TVs. 

Electronics and smart device manufacturer Hisense has chosen to do things differently. Instead of vomiting out pages of marketing jargon, they speak plainly about their products.  They also believe that their customers should be able to buy with complete confidence — which is precisely why they're currently offering a 100 day no regrets guarantee

Now through October 31, customers that purchase a ULED TV or L9G Laser TV have over three months to try it out. If they decide at any point that the device isn't for them, they can return it for a full refund. No questions asked, no strings attached. 

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The returns process is completely painless, too. Once a customer has received their purchase from a participating retailer, they have two weeks to register their TV with Hisense. Should they decide they want to return it, they simply need to login to Hisense's My Request portal, then send the TV back to Hisense within 21 days. 

It's a welcome change from the convoluted returns process one typically suffers through where smart devices are concerned. 

Of course, none of this would be particularly relevant if Hisense's TVs were low-grade. Fortunately, they're quite the opposite — Hisense has been recognized by multiple publications for the quality and value of its products. They've also received glowing reviews from customers, outperforming all competitors at their price point. 

You can test drive a car. You can return a mattress months after purchase. Why do televisions seem to follow different rules? 

That's the question Hisense asked. That's why it offers such a generous return policy. And that's why, at the end of the day, you can buy Hisense's TVs with total confidence.

You deserve nothing less. 

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