Why Brooklyn Bedding’s new Custom Mattress could be your key to good sleep

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American sleep brand Brooklyn Bedding has launched a new Custom Mattress aimed at helping people to sleep better and experience less discomfort in bed. Exclusively made to order, it could also be the ideal pick for you if you have never been able to find your dream bed. Available now, the Brooklyn Bedding Custom Mattress is already on sale with up to $571 off. Prices start from $1,294.26.

We were very impressed by this brand in our Brooklyn Aurora Luxe mattress review and Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid review, so we were interested to hear about this new addition to the lineup. The Custom model only comes in three sizes (queen, king, Cal king), which is disappointing, but you do get a choice of three firmness levels. You can personalize it further with a choice of three top fabrics, including a cooling one for hot sleepers, and three comfort layer materials, from luxury memory foam to natural latex. 

For those who share a bed with a partner but enjoy different levels of firmness, there’s also a split comfort model (king and Cal king only) and it doesn’t cost any extra compared to the single firmness models.

If you’re looking for the best mattress for your particular sleep and body needs, a customizable model is a smart choice because it can be more closely tailored to your personal preferences. 

Brooklyn Bedding Custom Mattress: was from $1,749$1,294.26 at Brooklyn Bedding
Save up to $571

Brooklyn Bedding Custom Mattress: was from $1,749 $1,294.26 at Brooklyn Bedding
Save up to $571
– Although it only comes in three sizes, there’s plenty else you can customize here. If you want deep compression support all over, choose the memory foam comfort layer, while the natural latex will be more breathable and so better suited to hot sleepers. We’re also curious about the TitanFlex comfort layer, designed with pressure point relief in mind. Each model comes with a layer of 8-inch coils to boost support, plus an organic cotton top fabric. For an extra $100 you can swap that for a Luxury Cooling or smart Recovery top fabric.

Customizable mattresses aren’t anything new, but they are less common than the majority of releases we see from the top mattress in a box brands. They can also enhance your sleep because you’re basically building your ideal bed to feel comfier, cooler and more supported at night.

Brooklyn Bedding Custom Mattress: Prices

Brooklyn Bedding Custom Mattress

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The new Brooklyn Bedding Custom Mattress is available with comfort and support layers made of different materials, including foam, latex and springs. It costs $1,294.26 for a queen size, with the full pricing as follows:

  • Custom single comfort queen – $1,749, on sale for $1,294.26
  • Custom single comfort king – $2,199, on sale for $1,627.26
  • Custom single comfort Cal king – $2,199, on sale for $1,627.26
  • Custom split comfort king – $2,199, on sale for $1,627.26
  • Custom split comfort Cal king – $2,199, on sale for $1,627.26

The interesting thing to note from the pricing is that it won’t cost you extra to get a model with a different comfort feel on either side. This usually costs more, so we’re pleased to see Brooklyn Bedding isn’t charging more for this added layer of personalization. For an extra $100, you can choose an Organic Cotton, Luxury Cooling or a Recovery top fabric (designed to ‘transform your body heat into restorative energy’).

Brooklyn Bedding Custom Mattress: Key Spec

Release date: 19 October 2021
Price: from $1,749 ($1,294.26 on sale) to $2,199 ($1,627.26 on sale)
Sizes: Twin to split Cal king
Benefits: your choice of firmness; natural materials available for non-toxic sleep; relieves pressure on your body; suitable for all sleeping positions
Trial period: 120 nights
Warranty: 10 years

The trial period is 120 nights, which is around average (some of the longest trials are 365 nights). If you change your mind the brand will refund your money and collect the mattress. In terms of coverage, Brooklyn Bedding offers a 10 year warranty on the new Custom Mattress.

The Brooklyn Bedding Custom Mattress goes up against the likes of Helix Sleep and its award-winning range of more personalized hybrid and memory foam mattresses. These are priced from $1,099 up to $2,349, which isn’t too far off the cost of Brooklyn Bedding’s new release.

At the more luxurious end of the scale lives Saatva with its customizable Solaire Adjustable Mattress, designed to offer 50 different firmness levels, but we’re straying into smart bed territory there. It’s also nearly three times the price. 

So for a mattress that offers a higher level of customization, and a choice of natural materials, we’re impressed with the pricing on the Brooklyn Bedding Custom Mattress. What isn’t so impressive is the small range of sizes: it only comes in queen, king and cal king.

Brooklyn Bedding Custom Mattress: Design

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A more customizable mattress could be your key to better sleep (Image credit: Getty)

The Custom Mattress is available in queen, king or cal king sizes and you can be customized in the following ways: firmness (soft, medium or firm), comfort, and top fabric. You could amplify this further by teaming it with one of the best mattress toppers for your budget.

The comfort and top fabric options are the most interesting. There’s the option of a cool gel-infused Luxe Memory Foam layer for hot sleepers who need deep compression support, or a natural and breathable latex layer for those seeking more natural materials (see our best cooling mattress guide for similar mattress technology). For pressure point relief, there’s a hyper-elastic TitanFlex layer.

The Top Fabric choices are Organic Cotton (included), Luxury Cooling (for an extra $100), or Recovery (extra $100). The latter is a clever innovation that transforms your body heat into restorative energy. If you’re familiar with Bear mattresses and its Celliant-powered fabric, this isn’t a million  miles away. 

“We’re thrilled that the introduction of Brooklyn Custom allows us to share our mattress knowledge with consumers on a new level, truly allowing them to build their best sleep experience yet based on personal comfort preferences,” said John Merwin, Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Brooklyn Bedding.

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