BLUETTI’s newest whole-home power solutions debut at CES 2023

(Image credit: BLUETTI)

BLUETTI has already dazzled with its recent AC500 and B300S power combo, which landed $11 million in funding from more than 4,000 Indiegogo backers last year. At CES 2023, it’s adding even more power to its lineup with the introduction of the EP900 and B500. 

With a EP900 and B500 combo, BLUETTI is providing a whole-home power solution that can grow to fit your needs and provide power sourcing flexibility. The company showed off this exciting new combo at CES this year to give event-goers a first-hand look at the new tech.

The EP900 provides an all-in-one solution. It has a built-in LiFePo4 battery, supports multiple power inputs to draw from solar or AC mains, and can deliver 120V or 240V AC power with a pure sine wave output at 9kW. It gets more impressive when considering its capacity. When paired with a B500 battery, the system offers 9kWh of energy storage you can tap into anytime you need. The B500 units are stackable, though, so you can combine up to 8 of them for a staggering 39.6kWh of power that could keep your home running for days. The system can even receive up to 9kW of power from a solar array, letting you build a powerful system that doesn’t depend too much on the electrical grid. Battery health is optimized with a special battery management system, and full control of the setup is at your fingertips through BLUETTI’s app.

The EP900 and B500 combo is a powerful backup system you can count on to keep you running even in the event of an extended blackout. Even a short power outage won’t stop you, as the system can step in to provide power in just 10ms. BLUETTI backs the whole system with a 10-year warranty and 24/7 customer service.

BLUETTI AC500 and B300

(Image credit: BLUETTI)

While the EP900 is made for your home, BLUETTI’s AC500 and B300 combo is made to let you enjoy the same sort of energy independence wherever you are. 

The AC500 and B300 provide you with a 3,072Wh power source at home and on the go, with the AC500 able to put out 5kW of pure sine wave power from its 16 outlets. That’ll be 120V AC power by default, but you can run a pair of AC500 units together to put out 240V and 10,000W. Like the EP900, this setup is also stackable, so you can run six B300 batteries to get 18,432Wh of capacity. 

With the ability to charge the system at up to 5,000W with AC power, 3,000W with solar power, or 8,000W with a combination of both sources, you can quickly replenish any power you need to take out of the system. With all this power at hand, you can feel right at home even if you’re far off the grid.

To see the new EP900 and B500 kit as well as the rest of BLUETTI’s line up, you can head to BLUETTI’s website here