My favorite smart home security camera is just $25 in Amazon's latest sale

Wyze Cam v4 mounted to metal outside
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As the smart home editor here at Tom's Guide I get to test some of the best security cameras on the market. From basic 1080p stick-up cams to the 4K Eufy S350 AI-controlled pan & tilt camera that tracks a subject as it moves through a space—I know a great value when I see it. I use several Wyze Cam v4s to protect my own home because they're affordable yet stacked with advanced security features like Smart Focus subject tracking, work both indoors or outside, and provide excellent performance.

Right now, the Wyze Cam v4 is just $25 at Amazon. That's a generous 30% off a 2K resolution security camera that supports local storage, provides free sound detection alerts, and includes images of events in notifications all without a subscription fee.

Wyze Cam v4: was $36 now $25 @ Amazon

Wyze Cam v4: was $36 now $25 @ Amazon
If you want the most advanced security camera on a budget the Wyze Cam v4 can't be beat. The loud siren and bright spotlight is powerful enough to deter trespassers. But should you need to monitor your space the onboard AI automatically zooms in on and follow a subject as they move around your property. 

This new Wyze Cam creates a rich 2K resolution image that captures more details like textures or words on a shirt or box. Its footage is noticeably sharper than the standard 1080p cameras you get at this price like the Blink Mini, but it won't eat up a ton of storage or network bandwidth a 4K camera would either. Meanwhile, video looks great day or night thanks to impressive color night vision.

One important thing to note is a five-minute notification cooldown if you don't pay for a subscription. While 24/7 recording and even advanced subject tracking features come included with the camera, Wyze nudges you to pay for a plan. This is done by restricting notification frequency and withholding AI detection that tells you if a person, package, vehicle, or pet triggered the event. 

Man stands in pathway with red shoes Wyze Cam v4 color night vision

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Alternatively, you can get the subscription-free Tapo C120 ($29, Amazon) which has the same 2K picture without the cooldown limitation and free AI detection. However, I prefer Wyze Cams for their more advanced security features that make it more of an all-in-one system. They listen out for smoke and CO2 alarms, smartly track a subject while zooming in to enhance the image, and have an intimidating siren. On top of that I subscribe to the Cam Protect subscription on the months when I'm away from home. This turns my Wyze Cam into an armed security system that can alert live agents to unauthorized activity and send emergency dispatch even if I'm not able to reach my phone.

Wyze Cam v4 captures man holding popcorn in living room during the day

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Even design-wise I prefer Wyze to the competition. The Wyze Cam v4 has the most versatile design of the cameras I've tested. Yes it needs to be plugged in but other than that you can place its weatherproof body virtually anywhere. Its compact square head fits on the tightest of shelves and is super lightweight. Meanwhile magnets on the bottom of the camera's base make it easy to stick the camera onto metal surfaces. This makes it easy to mount in different locations instantly as I've attached a Wyze Cam to loose screws, corner beads of a wall, or even the sides of a fridge. 

Overall the Wyze Cam v4 is a well-featured budget security camera that rivals competition three times the price. With that said both TP-Link's Tapo and Anker's Eufy camera brands also work without a subscription. They just lack some of the more advanced features.

Hunter Fenollol
Senior Editor, Smart Home

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