Unlocking the future of art and technology with HONOR

(Image credit: HONOR)

With the recent reveal of their astonishing new foldable concept phone, the HONOR V Purse, HONOR is creating a truly unique dialogue between the worlds of fashion, art and technology. This was the key theme at IFA 2023, which kicked off on September 1st with a keynote and exclusive launch video from HONOR in partnership with Red Border by Time. 

At IFA 2023, HONOR brought together global industry experts, innovative artists, visionary designers and young people who have excelled in their chosen fields to discuss technology’s role in shaping the future, and to share some of the groundbreaking creative possibilities that new technologies are helping to unlock. 

Here are some of the panellists and topics we can’t stop thinking about. 

The fusion of tech and art 

HONOR V Purse - Breath of Flowers

(Image credit: HONOR)

Today, we want our smartphones to look and feel sleek, stylish and unique. We’ve come a long way from the infamously bulky brick phones of the 90s and early 2000s, that’s for sure. Our devices are now digital cameras, portable entertainment and even wallets, but what’s the next great evolution? 

In Berlin, we caught a glimpse of what the future of smartphones might hold during an onsite discussion hosted by professor Jasmin Gong, with panellists including Ray Guo (CMO of HONOR), Kaiser Siebenhaar (professor of German Literature at Freie Universität Berlin), contemporary artist Yunuene, and interdisciplinary artist Xiao Hui Wang. 

Dr Guo Rui explored the development journey of the astonishing HONOR V Purse, walking us through the concepting and design stages of this voguish wearable device before sharing how his team was inspired by eco-conscious ideas and a new generation of stylish consumers to go beyond expectations and create an entirely new category of smartphone. 

Artist Xiao Hui Wang, meanwhile, explored her approach to ‘always-on display’ art – some of which you might see lighting up HONOR V Purse displays in the future. 

Empowering young creators

HONOR V Purse - The Mirror Box

(Image credit: HONOR)

We also heard about HONOR Talents Global Design Awards, which help to platform young artists, nurture their skills, and showcase their talent.    

The issue of how to support young designers and artists using technology was a major topic at IFA 2023, and something that’s been at the centre of HONOR’s efforts over the last several years. Tech can give emerging talent the canvas they need to truly shine, and it works both ways, as these fresh, creative minds can shape the future of smartphones and wearable tech.

Artistic innovation in the digital age

HONOR V Purse - Algae Rhythms by Yunuene

(Image credit: HONOR)

Another AOD artist who caught our attention was Yunuene, who’s striking digital artwork reflects everything from traditional Mexican papercrafts to the organic rhythms of algae cultivation and the symbiosis of human beings and nature. The results are a series of kaleidoscopic visual pieces that look incredible on digital screens such as the HONOR V Purse, and which connect us to different places and cultures around the world.

Klaus Siebenhaar explored this theme further, talking about how the integration of art, design and technology can spur innovation across industries. This is something we can really see in the latest crop of inventive and surprising new products from HONOR, which have been made possible thanks to HONOR’s continual investment in emerging talent.

The future of smartphone technology 

From AI powered devices to artistic showcases like the HONOR V Purse, HONOR is at the cutting edge of the smartphone market. With their keynote and panel discussions at IFA 2023, HONOR has given us a fascinating glimpse into a future where fashion, creativity and innovation can come together to shape our world. 

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