Trifo Lucy brings the future of AI robots to your home

Trifo robot vacuum in black
(Image credit: Trifo)

Trifo’s family of AI home robots are the next step in the evolution of automated cleaning. Lucy, the newest member, leads the way with its AI-capabilities and advanced home security technology to protect and clean the home with one of the most powerful cleaners available on the market.

Lucy is the first AI-powered robot that utilizes a 1080P HDR color camera and a Time-of-Flight (ToF) depth camera to build a true 3D map of your home for accurate indoor positioning and object detection. The RGB brightness data provides a detailed image of the scene, including textures, colors, and ambient light information for Visual SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) navigation. The ToF depth camera works by providing additional depth information for depth-mapping, and the unique dual SLAM systems allow Lucy to understand its surroundings—even in low-light conditions.

With this unique combination of visual and depth information, Lucy is the only robot that can detect and recognize objects as short as one inch, while other high-end LiDAR-based robotic vacuums in the market can only detect objects around four inches in length in a plain 2D view. Meanwhile, Lucy has the power to recognize over 70 objects, such as socks, shoes, power cords, stains, carpets, floors, and more - giving Lucy an understanding of its surroundings that LiDAR-based robots lack.

Trifo robot vacuum cleaning dining room

(Image credit: Trifo)

Not only does Lucy help keep your home spotless, but it can also protect it. If it senses a person or noise in your home while it’s cleaning, it’ll send you a notification, so even when you’re away you can rest easy knowing your home is being looked after.

Lucy is the first home robot that offers crystal-clear day and night vision, providing unique indoor security at all times. The Motion Detection feature allows Lucy to alert you to what’s going on in your home when you’re not there, and it can also be used as a pet camera that allows users to see, talk, and record their furry friends remotely via the Trifo Home app.

In addition to monitoring your home, you can also program Lucy remotely to schedule cleaning, pinpoint its location and manage maps of your house — so you can set no-go zones, designate areas to clean, and easily name rooms—all via the app. To make life even easier, Lucy is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to integrate Lucy into your smart home system, and issue commands with just your voice.

Lucy will also continue to get smarter the more you use it. Thanks to regular monthly over-the-air (OTA) updates, Lucy will get new features while continuing to learn more about its surroundings. With its intelligent decision-making skills, Lucy will keep evolving and become more intelligent over time, allowing you to break free from your daily routine of cleaning the house, and letting you get on with the fun things in life instead.

Trifo robot vacuum in black

(Image credit: Trifo)

Why Trifo?

Trifo was founded in 2016, and its vision is to create a family of robots that can clean and protect people’s homes, allowing you to live better and concentrate on what’s really important. After all, why spend time cleaning your home, when you could leave Trifo’s family of robots to do it for you while you spend time with family and friends?

Using advanced AI technologies, Trifo has been focusing on developing sensing, perception, and decision-making capabilities for its robots, which truly sets them apart from the competition, and will give you the confidence to trust its robots to look after your home.