Parents Use Bark Parental Controls to Keep Kids Safe

Teenagers taking a selfie while protected by parental controls
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It’s hard enough trying to navigate your way around the internet without coming across something that’s probably not very healthy. Every day difficult topics, troubling situations, not to mention people with bad intentions, seem to pop up on our phones and devices without looking for them. 

As difficult as it can be for adults to navigate this environment, kids face even greater challenges in the online world. Without parental controls, parents have been struggling to figure out how to help youngsters stay safe online and make sure they are there to help them if they do experience a bad situation. 

To make matters even worse, this is the first generation in history that has had to raise kids in a digital, always-connected world. Many parents tend to adopt some parenting styles from the people who raised them, but this technology wasn’t around when they were growing up so there’s no one to look to for advice on how to raise kids in this environment. 

While it can certainly be challenging to help kids navigate this new world of technology, this same technology can also offer just the help they need. 


Bark is a parental controls app designed by a father of two with the specific goal of helping protect kids online and giving parents practical ways to help their children navigate the treacherous world of technology. 

Parents can install the app on any Android or iOS device as well as Amazon Fire tablets and Chromebooks so however your kids navigate the internet, they’re covered. 

Bark works by scanning your child’s activity on their devices. Things like text messages, Google searches, even most of the most popular apps like YouTube, Discord, and TikTok are all monitored for signs of important issues like bullying, depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation. 

If the parental control app detects any activity that is suspicious or might be something parents might want to know about, it will send the parents a message letting them know who the child was talking to and what was in the message. Bark can even alert parents if it detects predators or sexual content so parents are immediately aware if their child might be in danger. 

It’s not uncommon for kids these days to use things like Google Docs to journal their thoughts, and Bark can scan these apps to look for any signs that the child might be struggling with depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, or anything else parents might need to know about. 

This is important to not only help keep children safe online but can also help parents start serious conversations with their children about what they’re experiencing and get them the help they need. 

Blocking and filtering

In addition to the app’s monitoring capabilities, Bark can also act as a powerful web filter. Every parent knows how easy it can be for children to stumble upon inappropriate content and Bark’s parental controls let parents block or allow specific sites or entire categories like streaming services, gaming, sexual content, and more. 

While some apps like Snapchat and Instagram may not be intentionally harmful in themselves, more data is being discovered every day that shows how detrimental the content on those apps can be for young children. Bark can completely block apps like that if your child isn’t quite ready for them.

Two young boys watching a video on a smartphone while protected by parental controls

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Screen time

Arguably one of the most helpful features for parents might be Bark’s ability to manage screen time for kids on their devices. Parents can not only limit what their kids can access on the internet but also when they can get online. 

Maybe you want to turn off internet access during meal times or homework times. Or maybe you want to have a family night so everyone’s devices get blocked for a few hours. 

Bark lets you create unique schedules for each child and every device so you can find the best rules to fit your family. 

Use parental controls to help your kid navigate

Navigating childhood is hard enough as it is without having to deal with the entire digital world on top of it. Bark helps parents walk alongside their kids while online to help them set appropriate boundaries and learn how to use the amazing tool that is technology and the internet, properly. 

As the holidays approach, if your child has made the “nice list” and might have a new device under the tree this year, consider installing Bark on it first so you can rest a bit easier knowing that you’ll be able to help keep them safe and walk with them during those tough situations. 

You can start using Bark’s parental controls for free with a 7-day trial or subscribe for $5 a month ($49 annually) for the Bark Jr plan or upgrade to the premium subscription for $14 a month ($99 annually). Find all the information you need and check out their plans on their website. 

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