Lower the summer heat and your energy bill with Dreo’s powerful tower fan

Dreo Pilot Max tower fan in open space
(Image credit: Dreo)

Heat can make the strongest of us crack. When it’s sweltering in the middle of summer, it can feel impossible to get comfortable, and if the air is stagnating, you’ll be stuck feeling that way. One solution is to turn on the air conditioning and watch your temperatures drop but your power bill rise. Dreo is providing another option with the powerful Pilot Max tower fan.

The Dreo Pilot Max is ready to tackle your cooling needs in a wide variety of scenarios. Thanks to its powerful impeller for maximum airflow and its wide oscillation range, you’ll be able to set it up just about wherever you need it and rely on it for consistent cooling

At 43 inches tall, the Dreo PIlot Max is built to create a wall of air that can provide a breeze for far more of your body than a box fan or pedestal fan. The impeller system uses that height to move a stunning 1,475 cubic feet of air every minute and can send it rushing forward at 26 feet/second. Even if you’re 32 feet across the room from the fan, you’ll be able to feel the breeze.

Since the fan has a 120-degree oscillation range, you can set it up where it’s convenient and have it still cover a wide swathe of your home. You can dial in the oscillation and power to whatever is most comfortable, or you can even let the built-in temperature sensor control the PIlot Max for cooling when you need it and extra power savings when you don’t.

Which brings us to the power usage. The Dreo Pilot Max might sound like it has to use a lot of electricity if it's so powerful, but it really doesn’t. It’s built with a quiet and efficient brushless motor to turn the impeller. That helps it max out at 48dB or stay hushed at 25dB for quiet nighttime operation. 

Between the brushless motor for the fan and the stepper motor for oscillation, the Dreo Pilot Max just sips at electricity. Where you’d want to budget for an AC unit running day and night all month long, you can just about ignore the added expense of the Dreo Pilot Max. At its lowest setting, you could run it all summer long and it would only cost a little over a dollar. That’s savings you can spread from room to room, too, as it’s easy to carry the Dreo Pilot Max anywhere in the house to set up where you need it, when you need it.

The efficiency can hold up over time as well. The Dreo Pilot Max doesn’t have to slowly get bogged down with dust. A removable grille on the back lets you pop it off, clean it, and get back to staying cool with ease.

If you’re ready to see how your summer can be a little fresher and more affordable, you can get the Dreo Pilot Max from Dreo directly or you can find it available on Amazon or from Walmart.