Get fast, reliable Wi-Fi everywhere with devolo’s Magic 2 Wi-Fi next

A living room with a devolo Magic 2 Wi-Fi adapter installed
The discreet German design fits perfectly to modern living rooms, home offices, and all other favorite rooms Wi-Fi is used throughout the home. (Image credit: devolo)

Whole-Home Wi-Fi is a great concept, but not always an actual reality.  Conventional Wi-Fi extenders can run into difficulties transmitting through floors and walls. This can lead to inconsistent Wi-Fi coverage in your home, with some areas being ‘dead zones’.

Fortunately, there is  a solution to this problem. It’s called ‘Powerline Wi-Fi’. 

With Powerline Wi-Fi, a home’s in-wall electrical system serves as a wired network, connecting the router to Wi-Fi extenders plugged into the electrical sockets.

The advantage: The internet signal is not slowed down by walls and ceilings. Wherever there’s a power plug, there can be a Wi-Fi extender. This ensures that a Whole Home Wi-Fi solution actually covers the whole home, bringing Wi-Fi reliably where you need it

A picture of the devolo Magic 2 Wi-Fi next unit

(Image credit: devolo)

German equipment manufacturer devolo has refined Powerline Wi-Fi to deliver fast, reliable broadband throughout the entire home. devolo Magic 2 Wi-Fi next is the company’s newest and most advanced powerline Mesh Wi-Fi product. It has just been introduced into the US market.  

Full coverage, easy to install 

`A map of a multi-story house with Magic 2 Wi-Fi next adaptors installed

Browse, stream, and game smoothly, throughout your home - thanks to the latest Powerline technology  (Image credit: devolo)

Picture the magic of true Whole Home coverage for all of your Wi-Fi-connected devices, with no dropouts or slow data connections- and it is simple to install, too 

Built upon the latest generation of powerline technology (, Magic 2 Wi-Fi next is easy to set up using the devolo Home Network app. This setup can be done using the home’s existing router: Just plug in one or more Magic 2 Wi-Fi next powerline adapters as required, log your Wi-Fi devices into the home network, and everything is online. 

Multiple features for better performance 

A Magic 2 Wi-Fi next adaptor connecting to many devices.

Thanks to MU-MIMO, high-speed data transfers take place at the same time.  (Image credit: devolo)

devolo Magic 2 Wi-Fi next comes with lots of built-in performance-enhancing features. They begin with devolo’s use of mesh Wi-Fi technology. Instead of using independent extenders connected to the main network, mesh Wi-Fi architecture combines them all into a single wireless network -- working together to cover the whole home. 

Meanwhile, MU-MIMO (Multiple User - Multiple Input Multiple Output) features ensure that every device on the Wi-Fi network enjoys optimal bandwidth and data speeds at all times. 

A person in motion connecting to Magic 2 Wi-Fi next adapters

 Seamless Wi-Fi reception thanks to Access Point Steering.  (Image credit: devolo)

Other big Magic 2 WiFi next advantages include Access Point Steering and Client Steering.  As a connected device progresses throughout the home, Magic 2 WiFi next adapters employ both technologies to keep handing off the device to the nearest, most optimal access point. 

Two other Magic 2 WiFi pluses: 

One last bonus:  Each Magic 2  Wi-Fi next adapter comes with two bottom-located gigabit LAN ports built-in, for those who prefer to use ethernet cables.

Options to choose from 

There are a number of devolo Magic 2 Wi-Fi next systems available, to support a range of users:

To learn more about the devolo Magic 2 Wi-Fi next system and how it can deliver true Whole Home Wi-Fi coverage to the Whole Home, check out

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