5 Reasons robovacs should be part of your next home makeover

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra vacuuming and mopping
(Image credit: Roborock)

The smart home is all about improving quality of life by simplifying tasks, getting things done with minimal effort, and giving you more time to enjoy the things that really get you going and less time doing chores. With smart cleaning technology, like the many robotic vacuums from Roborock, you can dive into the smart side of the home. Here’s a look at five ways you can dial up the smarts with Roborock’s intelligent robovacs, which are designed from the ground up to improve people’s lives by eliminating some of the most tedious and time-consuming household chores and keeping maintenance to a minimum.

Get connected

The first and simplest step to making your smart cleaning technology that much more convenient is to get it paired with your smart assistant. Forget the remote control — you can just say, “Hey, Google, vacuum the living room.” Roborock’s latest robovacs support Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri, giving you broad support for this simple but powerful integration.  With an integration like this, you can easily and quickly arrange cleaning tasks whether you’re at work, driving home, or sitting on the couch watching a movie and not feeling like getting up, saving you time and effort at every turn. 

Get crafty with calendar integrations

A smart assistant is hardly the only integration you can go for with a robovac. With smart home automation, you can tie certain tasks to other events. And since the cleanliness of your home has a clear link to events like, say, hosting duty for a dinner party, you can take advantage of an integration with your calendar app. Having an automation to tell the robovac to do a full clean a few hours before any scheduled event at your home can help you make sure everything is spic and span before your company arrives.

Schedule charging for cash savings

With some of Roborock’s more advanced robovacs, the unit won’t have to start charging just as soon as it reaches its dock. Since most of us would have our robovacs clean the house midday and then dock themselves to charge back up, we could be paying for those higher midday electric rates. But, if you schedule it to charge overnight when utility fees can be lower, the vacuum can not only save you time cleaning but also money charging. 

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra vacuuming and mopping

(Image credit: Roborock)

Double up on utility

With a robovac, you’ve already got a smart little device covering a ton of ground in your home. If you only need vacuuming, that might be good enough. For most of us, vacuuming may be a more frequent need, but occasionally stuck-in grime has to get mopped up. So why not have the robovac handle that too? Roborock has a handful of advanced robot vacuums that feature both a powerful vacuum and a mopping system that can both operate in a single pass. The Roborock series has a particularly powerful system that uses rapid vibration to scrub the floor with the mop as it goes along. Congrats, now you don’t have to vacuum or mop.

Stretch the autonomy

So, you can go big on smarts with a robovac that vacuums and mops while also following smart cues for operation. Why not take it a step further? With a powerful dock like those compatible with many of Roborock’s robovac models, you can ignore your little helper for weeks at a time. These smart docks can empty the dustbin of the robovac, getting it ready for clean after clean without any intervention on your part. Some can even refill the mop’s water reservoir and clean off the mop itself so it's fresh and ready for the next run. With room for up to eight weeks of debris in some bin models, you might end up emptying it less frequently than you take out the trash. 

So when you’re spending time at home, why not make more of it your time instead of chore time. With Roborock’s advanced line of smart vacuums, you can go straight from working at home to relaxing at home. Here’s a look at all that Roborock has to offer.