Save $500 on some of the most sumptuous mattresses on the market

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The Beautyrest Black is a super-luxurious, super-advanced mattress that can be customized to your exact preferences, and right now there's up to $500 off.There are three different lines (and multiple options within those) to choose from, so we'll outline the differences below. If you're looking to upgrade your bedroom properly, you can also bundle in an adjustable base for even bigger savings of up to $900 off!

We always recommend investing as much as you can in your sleep setup, and if you've decided to push the boat out, these mattresses truly sumptuous. If they don't look quite right for you, or you want to compare what you'll get for your money elsewhere on the market, head to our best mattress ranking or our best luxury mattress guide specifically.

Beautyrest Black L-Class: $2,549$2,249 at Beautyrest

Beautyrest Black L-Class: was $2,549 now from $2,249 at Beautyrest
The most affordable in the lineup is the L-Classic. It's still far from basic, with a 13.5-14.5" profile, zoned pocket coils, soothing memory foam, and a layer of plant-based fabric designed specifically to keep you cool for a refreshing night's sleep. Choose from Firm or Medium feels, or amp up the luxury with a pillow-top in Medium or Plush. 

Beautyrest Black C-Class: $3,049$2,649 at Beautyrest

Beautyrest Black C-Class: was $3,049 now from $2,649 at Beautyrest
The C-Class is Beautyrest's 'better' option. It has everything you'll find in the L-Class, but also an extra comfort layer made with cashmere, alpaca and silk (all of which are cushioning but naturally breathable) and a layer of latex foam alongside the memory foam. This adds bounce and amps up the pressure relief. Choose from Firm, Medium or Plush feels, or add an extra pillow-top (in Medium or Plush). The profile is a lofty 13.75 - 16".  

Beautyrest Black K-Class: $4,249$3,749 at Beautyrest

Beautyrest Black K-Class: was $4,249 now from $3,749 at Beautyrest
The K-Class is the crème de la crème of the Beautyrest Black range. It takes the C-Class model (so soothing memory foam, bouncy latex foam, supportive zoned coils, and a cushioning silk, alpaca and cashmere layer) and upgrades it with another tier of nano-coils for precise body contouring. This one is only available with a pillow-top, and you can choose from Plush or Firm feels. It's up to an ultra-luxurious 16.5" deep. 

This was originally a 4th of July sale, but it seems to be sticking around for the moment. There are also big discounts on the Harmony range, which is still supremely luxurious but a bit cheaper, with prices starting at $1,099 on the discounted models. There's still plenty of opportunities to customize your mattress with different sleep feels, pillow-top options and cooling upgrades to choose from. All Beautyrest mattresses include a 100-night in-home trial, white glove delivery, and 10-year limited warranty. 

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