This unbeatable Ring video doorbell bundle is 60% off right now

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If you’re looking for a package deal on a leading video doorbell then come on in and check out this bundle for a Ring Video Doorbell that we count as one of the best video doorbells out there. 

Right now you can get the Ring Video Doorbell Wired with an Echo Show 5 for $59 on Amazon That's a 60% discount on the regular price of $149. If that doesn't take your fancy you can swap the Echo Show for the Ring Chime at the same price or an Echo Dot (Gen 3) for $54

Ring Video Doorbell Wired + Echo Show 5: was $149 now $59 @ Amazon

Ring Video Doorbell Wired + Echo Show 5: was $149 now $59 @ Amazon

Keep your home safe wherever you are with 1080p video. Set up notifications and alerts through the accompanying app to keep on top of any movements in your front yard, and you can talk and see visitors remotely. Alexa integration can even let you know of any movement or deliveries while you're watching on a Fire TV or tablet. 

Over 10 million people have a Ring video doorbell installed and this bundle is a great way to look after your home. 

While it's not at the top of our list, in our review of the Ring Video Doorbell Wired, we were appreciative of the 1080p video captured by the cheapest Ring doorbell available, but that's not all it has going for it. As a wired device, the Ring Video Doorbell Wired doesn't need to have its battery changed and is considerably smaller than others in the range, helpful for doors where space is an issue. 

While it will not work with your traditional doorbell chime, the Echo Show 5 bundle will instead let you see and hear any visitors from any room in the house. At this price, you could have a doorbell front and back and then one display in your bedroom with another in the living room, perfect for chilly winter days when you don't want to get out of bed. 

The Echo Show 5 did not blow our reviewer away but it is a perfectly serviceable speaker and smart display with the ability to show security feeds and features two-way talk functionality perfect for a video doorbell. We were impressed with the sound and image quality on the Show 5 stating, "If there’s one reason to go for the Echo Show 5, it’s video calling."

If you don't need or want the Echo Show 5, then we recommend this other deal for the Ring Video Doorbell (2nd gen) for $59 on Amazon, a discount of 40% off its regular price of $99. 

Ring Video Doorbell: Was $99 now $59 @ Amazon

Ring Video Doorbell: Was $99 now $59 @ Amazon
The Ring Video Doorbell has a 1080p camera, and can be hardwired or run on battery power alone. However, if you choose the latter, you have to remove the entire video doorbell when you need to charge it. Other, more expensive Ring models — which do not have package detection — have removable batteries.

The Ring Video Doorbell can be hardwired or run off battery power alone, and will work with your existing chime. More importantly, if you sign up for a Ring subscription (starting at $3/month), you'll get some additional features, such as package detection — this way, you'll know when there's a delivery at your door.

If you would rather pair the doorbell with one of the best smart displays, we would recommend going for the Ring Chime bundle instead, but at this price, you can't go too far wrong with either choice. 

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