This $99 iPhone Black Friday deal is a great gift for your kids

iPhone SE Black Friday deals
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The iPhone SE (2020) is hardly the newest kid on the block, especially after Apple trotted out an update to its budget phone this past spring. But the 2020 model remains a very capable device, and it just might be a good phone for bargain hunters — if you can find it at the right price in a Black Friday deal.

Walmart may have come up with the right price. It's selling the iPhone SE (2020) for $99, or $50 less than the phone's normal $149 cost. The iPhone SE on sale at Walmart is tied to Straight Talk for its wireless service.

iPhone SE (2020): was $149 now $99 @ Walmart

iPhone SE (2020): was $149 now $99 @ Walmart
To get the cheapest iPhone around, head to Walmart and grab this $99 model. Yes, there are newer models available, but few cost this little. It's a great first phone that parents can give to their kids, so long as they don't mind a device that's tied to Straight Talk for its wireless service. 

It's that sub-$100 price tag that's caught our eye. Again, the iPhone SE 2022 is the newer model, but if you're looking for a device to serve as the first phone for your kid, this particular iPhone SE model certainly beats a hand-me down. The A13 Bionic still delivers solid performance, and the 2020 model of the iPhone SE works with iOS 16, so you can run the latest software features on this particular handset.

It's also worth noting that many of the iPhone Black Friday deals we've spotted so far have been pretty limited when it comes to the iPhone SE 2022. Verizon is offering the iPhone SE 2022 for free when you open a new line of data and get one of the carrier's unlimited plans, while T-Mobile requires a trade-in and a new line of data for a free iPhone SE. Visible charges $329 for the iPhone SE 2022, though it offers a $300 gift card, too. In that context, $99 for an older iPhone SE 2022 is pretty attractive for a certain kind of user.

Looking for more Black Friday phone deals? We're tracking them through the holiday weekend, so be sure to check back to find savings on all different kinds of phones, including more fully featured iPhones.

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