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This Chromecast Black Friday deal is a shockingly cheap $22

Chromecast Ultra Black Friday deal.
(Image credit: Future/Getty Images)

This year is offering some excellent Black Friday deals, and this one might rank among the best.

Right now, Google is offering a Chromecast Ultra bundle with a Stadia controller for $22 (opens in new tab). That's a $58 savings for what is a good device plus a solid controller. Even if you don't intend on using the Stadia game streaming service, the controller still works with PCs and Android devices, and can act as a good secondary controller. 

Chromecast Ultra with Stadia Controller: was $79 now $22 @ Google (opens in new tab)
The Chromecast Ultra is a great streaming device. It streams at 4K UHD and provides easy access to Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, HBO Max, YouTube and more. The inclusion of the Stadia controller is icing on the cake. 

Do note, while the Stadia controller does have some Bluetooth functionality, it mainly works off a Wi-Fi connection. For that reason, when playing on Android or PC, be sure to have it plugged in via a USB-C cable. 

The Chromecast Ultra currently does not sit on our list of best streaming devices. The newer Chromecast with Google TV holds the No. 2 spot. But when we reviewed Chromecast Ultra, we praised it for its design and affordability. The Chromecast Ultra offers 4K UHD streaming, which is great for watching the latest shows on Netflix and Hulu. 

The Stadia controller, per our Google Stadia review, is on par with any other major controller. It's similar in design to the PS4's DualShock 4, but is on the slightly heavier side.

There are so many Black Friday deals happening right now that we launched an Amazon Black Friday liveblog and a Walmart Black Friday liveblog. Both are being updated constantly with the latest deals. Also be sure to also check out our best Black Friday video game deals for some awesome savings. 

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