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This Back Friday soundbar deal gives you surround sound for just $129

LG SLM3R soundbar deal
(Image credit: LG)

If you're looking for Black Friday deals on the best soundbars, then you're going to love this one — because it gives you four speakers for the price of one.

Right now, Walmart has the LG SLM3R 4.1 surround sound system reduced from $189 to $129 (opens in new tab). That's a saving of $60, making it one of the best Black Friday soundbar deals we've seen. But with a deal this good, it likely won't hang around for long, so act now before it sells out.

LG SLM3R 4.1 Soundbar: was $189, now $129 @Walmart (opens in new tab)
Most soundbars attempt to give you room-filling audio from a single bar, but the LG SLM3R pairs it with three wireless speakers to give you a full 4.1 system. With the soundbar acting as two front speakers, plus a subwoofer and two rear speakers, you really will feel like you're in the heart of the action, whatever you're watching. Bluetooth connectivity is another bonus.

Buying a soundbar is the first step in making the best TVs sound better, but adding extra speakers for a full surround sound system is a further upgrade that's well worth making.

The LG SLM3R gives you a 4.1 system consisting of two 50W front speakers inside the soundbar, plus two rear 60W speakers and a 200W subwoofer.

Better still, it's all wireless — you simply connect the speakers to the separate wireless receiver via Bluetooth and are free to place the satellite units anywhere you want.  

The SLM3R also features LG's Adaptive Sound Control, which adjusts the audio profile to match what you're seeing onscreen. In short, it's the ideal way to upgrade your TV's sound, and at a bargain price too.

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