The Amazon Echo Show 5 is now $44 for Black Friday — with a free Blink Mini camera included

The Echo Show 5 is a perfect office smart assistant
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Amazon's Black Friday deals have arrived in full force. The online retailer has a selection of sales across both big brands and its hardware range including the Echo Show 8 (2nd gen) for $49 and bundles like the Ring Video Doorbell with the Echo Show 5 for $64. That is a staggering $125 discount over the normal retail price.

One of the highlights for me is the Echo Show 5 with Blink Mini for $44 on Amazon. The third-generation Echo Show and mini camera bundle is $79 off the normal retail price. That is a staggering 64% discount. 

Echo Show 5 with Blink Mini: was $124 now $44 @ Amazon

Echo Show 5 with Blink Mini: was $124 now $44 @ Amazon
The Echo Show 5 is a perfect smart assistant for an office or bedroom. A small form factor but with a bright screen and the full Alexa functionality. With more than 60% off, this Black Friday bargain also comes with the Blink Mini camera which can be used to monitor your home day and night.

This isn't the first time the all-new Echo Show 5 has been reduced this Black Friday. You can find it on its own for $39 at Amazon, but bundled with the impressive Blink Mini camera, it's a deal worth savoring. 

While the Echo Show 5 has the smallest screen on our list of the best smart displays, it has an impressive sound with deeper bass and clearer vocals than previous generations. It's a great way to quickly see the weather, view what is playing, and set alarms. For an extra saving, theEcho Show 5 with its adjustable stand is currently available for $54, down from $116.

The smart screen also includes a built-in camera that can be used to drop in on other devices and the screen means you can use it to link to your Ring Doorbell or the clever Blink Mini camera.

I have a new Echo Show 5 in my home office and it's a great way to see who is at the front door through the Ring Doorbell and decide whether it is worth making the trip downstairs to answer the door. 

It's easy to pair and compatible with a range of doorbells and indoor cameras. I also have it paired to the Google Nest Cam (battery) which is currently $60 off at  Google.

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