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Nike’s most popular super-shoe got a Black Friday discount

Nike Alphafly Next% sale
(Image credit: Nike)

Nike’s most famous running shoe — the Alphafly Next%, which was on the feet of Eliud Kipchoge as he ran the first-ever sub-2 hour marathon, has just got a Black Friday discount. The Alphafly Next% has dropped from $275 to $208, with the code BLACKFRIDAY (opens in new tab). The same deal is on offer in the UK, with the Alphafly Next% dropping from £269 to £202 with the code GAME21 (opens in new tab), you can also shop the men's Alphafly Next% in the UK here (opens in new tab). That's the first time the running shoes have been discounted and is one of the best Black Friday deals we’ve seen on the super shoe. 

The Alphafly Next% is a brilliantly fast running shoe, designed to power you to your next PB on race day. The Alphafly has a carbon fiber plate, to propel the foot forwards and help you achieve a faster toe-off, and two zoom air pods in the forefoot, which help you bounce from stride to stride. 

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Air Zoom Alphafly Next%: was $275 now $208 @ Nike (opens in new tab)
This is a running shoe designed to help you fly. It’s got a carbon fibre plate, two zoom air pods in the forefoot, and a thick, ZoomX midsole that’s lightweight and responsive underfoot. The men’s sale is on the white and turquoise colorways, which are $208 with the Promo code BLACKFRIDAY. Unfortunately, the women’s shoe is not in the sale, but as the Alphafly has unisex sizing, some women might be able to fit into the men’s versions, which start at a U.S. 6. The same deal is on offer in the UK with the code GAME21.

When Eliud Kipchoge became the first man in the world to run a sub-2 hour marathon, the world’s attention soon turned to his feet; what were those huge shoes, did they really have two carbon fiber plates and should they be banned? A few months later Nike launched the Alphafly Next% to the public, calling Kipchoge’s record the “ultimate test run.”

While these definitely aren’t for everyone, we’d be remiss to not mention one of Nike’s most exciting innovations in a roundup of the best Nike running shoes. No, they don’t have two carbon fiber plates, just the one that varies in thickness depending on the size of the shoe. But the introduction of the two zoom air pods in the forefoot is incredibly exciting. These shoes feel like rockets on your feet and the AtomKnit upper is incredibly lightweight. 

If you’re looking for a shoe that’ll help you get a new best time, these are a great choice. That said, if you’re not Kipchoge, the Alphaflys can feel a little unstable. There’s no ifs or buts, they’re extremely fast, but in the nicest possible way, if you don’t have the muscles or foot strength to support them, you’ll really feel it the next day. (However, you’ll probably have a new PB and a shiny medal around your neck, so who cares, right?) 

Not sure they're for you? Read our faceoff between Nike Alphafly Next% vs Nike Vaporfly Next% 2 here. 

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