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Black Friday Xbox Series X deals 2021

black friday xbox series x deals
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This year's Black Friday Xbox Series X offer many great ways to expand your gaming experience for less. We didn't see any price drops last year since the Series X was brand new, but a year later and we're seeing the same big discounts on the best Xbox Series X games and best Xbox Series X accessories that we're used to. Both game prices and accessories are jumping in and out of stock, so be sure to check back frequently. It's also a good idea to check out our Cyber Monday Xbox Series X  page, as we'll be updating this now Black Friday is over. 

Gamers who are yet to jump into the next generation of Xbox will be wondering whether any retailers will be offering an Xbox Series X restock during the retail holiday. Walmart held a restock on Monday (Nov. 23) and we expect to see more retailers taking fresh orders now that Black Friday has arrived. 

If you’ve already secured an Xbox Series X, then Black Friday is the perfect chance to fully kit out your console with a load of the best Xbox Series X Black Friday game deals and accessories. However, if you’re still hunting for a machine, then Black Friday is likely to be one of the last opportunities to buy one before the holidays. That's unless you fancy splurging $10,000 on the new Gucci Xbox Series X.

Black Friday Xbox Series X deals have already started. Read on to see the best sales you can get today.

Xbox Series X restock tracker — where to look

Top Black Friday Xbox Series X deals today

Black Friday Xbox Series X deals — best sales now 

Xbox Series X console

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Xbox Series X: check stock @ Amazon (opens in new tab)
The Xbox Series X is Microsoft's new flagship console. It features 12 teraflops of graphics power, 16GB of RAM, 1TB SSD, and a Blu-ray drive. It runs games at 4K resolution and 60 frames per second with a max of 8K at 120 fps. The Editor's Choice console represents the pinnacle of Microsoft's gaming efforts. It's currently out of stock, but this might change over the Black Friday weekend. 

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Xbox Series S: check stock @ Amazon (opens in new tab)
The more affordable next-gen Xbox Series S is limited to 1440p output, but still delivers fast loading, ray tracing, and high frame rates. It sports a GPU with up to 4 teraflops of output, 10GB of RAM, and a 512GB SSD for storage. (There's no disc drive). 

Xbox Game Pass subscriptions

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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: was $39 now $26 @ Walmart (opens in new tab)
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is arguably one of the best deals in gaming, offering hundreds of excellent games to download or stream on Xbox, PC or mobile. Even at full price, it's well worth trying out, so any discount is a welcome one.

Xbox Series X games

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Marvel's Avengers: was $39 now $14 @ Target (opens in new tab)
Check local availability
Fresh off its largest-ever content drop this summer, with the free War for Wakanda DLC, now is the perfect time to jump into Marvel's Avengers. Play as your favorite comic book heroes and team up with friends in a full three-player co-op campaign. 

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Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition: was $29 now $19 @ Amazon (opens in new tab)
Minecraft Dungeons takes the Minecraft formula and turns it into a dungeon crawler. The game is still as cute and blocky as ever and great for kids. It's more structured than standard Minecraft, which should be easier for younger players. 

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Control Ultimate Edition: was $39 now $18 @ Amazon (opens in new tab)
Control Ultimate Edition bundles together the base game with its two DLC expansions, "The Foundation" and "AWE", for the complete Control experience. Play as a superpowered heroine on a mission to uncover the secrets of The Old House and her connection to the mysterious Federal Bureau of Control.

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Watch Dogs Legion: was $59 now $14 @ Amazon (opens in new tab)
Take back London from the oppressive forces of Albion who have turned the city into a surveillance dystopia. Recruit anyone you meet on the street to join your band of resistance fighters, each with their own backstory and unique skill set.  

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Assassin's Creed Valhalla: was $59 now $19 @ Amazon (opens in new tab)
Step into the shoes of a Viking chief leading his clan on a siege of England. Explore a massive open world with more than a hundred hours of content in the latest installment in the hugely popular Assassin's Creed series. 

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Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: was $69 now $25 @ Amazon (opens in new tab)
**Temporarily out of stock**
Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy sees the intergalactic crew embark on a brand new original adventure in an effort to save the world, and pay off their debts. It's one of 2021's biggest pleasant surprises and is currently $35 off at Amazon. 

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Metro Exodus Complete Edition: was $39 now $25 @ Amazon (opens in new tab)
Critical acclaimed narrative-driven shooter Metro Exodus has been enhanced for the Xbox Series X in this Complete Edition. It also comes bundled with the game's two meaty expansion packs. 

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Far Cry 6: was $59 now $35 @ Amazon (opens in new tab)
As freedom fighter Dani Rojas you must lead a modern-day guerrilla revolution to liberate the island of Yara from the oppression of ruthless dictator Anton Castillo. Far Cry 6 is another bombastic installment in the beloved series and it's currently $20 off at Amazon. 

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Madden NFL 22: was $69 now $26 @ Amazon (opens in new tab)
Dominate on the field and bring Super Bowl glory to your favorite team in Madden NFL 22. With a revamped Franchise mode and enhanced gameplay, this is the closest the series has ever been to recreating the true feeling of game day. 

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NBA 2K22: was $59 now $25 @ Amazon (opens in new tab)
NBA 2K22 is the latest installment in the yearly basketball franchise. This year, it brings back the latest updates for the 2021-2022 NBA and WNBA season with MyTEAM and MyCAREER returning. 

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Riders Republic: was $59 now $24 @ Amazon (opens in new tab)
Offering a massive open world for you to explore on a bike, snowboard, skis, wingsuit, or rocket-powered jetpack, Riders Republic is one of the most content-rich extreme sports games ever made. The lengthy career mode is supplemented by a host of online modes including chaotic 64-player Mass Races.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator: was $59 now $50 @ Amazon (opens in new tab)
Take to the skies in Microsoft Flight Simulator for the Xbox Series X. Pilot a range of aircraft from single-engine planes to commercial jets and explore more than two million real-world locations. 

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Immortals Fenyx Rising: was $59 now $14 @ Best Buy (opens in new tab)
Step into a world of gods and monsters in Immortals Fenyx Rising. In this open-world adventure, you play as Fenyx, a being with the ability to wield the power of the gods, and must fight mythological beasts in order to save the world. 

Xbox Series X accessories

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Xbox Series X Remote Control: was $22 now $19 @ Amazon (opens in new tab)
If your Xbox Series X or Xbox One is the center of your entertainment setup, then this officially licensed remote is a very useful accessory. It allows you to quickly play, pause, fast-forward etc. content and makes navigating streaming libraries much easier. 

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Xbox Wireless Headset: was $99 now $88 @ Best Buy (opens in new tab)
The official Xbox Wireless Headset is the ideal audio accessory for the next-gen Xbox console. It offers spatial sound tech, Dolby Atomos, and DTS for an immersive aural experience. It's $11 off at Best Buy. 

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WD_Black 5TB P10 Game Drive: was $149 now $119 @ Amazon (opens in new tab)
If your hard drive is already overflowing with some of the best Xbox Series X games, then this WD_Black P10 Game Drive is the ideal storage solution. Adding 5TB of storage space, you can fit your whole gaming library on this drive. 

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Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller: was $179 now $169 @ Amazon (opens in new tab)
The Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller is one of the best pads for Xbox and PC gaming. It offers a premium design, interchangeable thumbsticks and programmable back paddles. Not to mention with 40-hour battery life, you can game all day (and night) without needing to recharge. Right now the Xbox Elite Series 2 is 10$ off at Amazon. 

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Razer Kaira Pro Wireless Headset: was $149 now $99 @ Amazon (opens in new tab)
An excellent third-party Xbox Series X headset, we awarded the Razer Kaira Pro an Editor's Choice seal in our review (opens in new tab). We were most impressed with its solid sound, comfortable fit and sleek design. It's $50 off in this Black Friday Xbox Series X deal. 

Black Friday Xbox Series X deals over the holidays

Xbox Series X

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The Xbox Series X was launched in November 2020, and almost a year after its initial release, finding it in stock remains a tricky task. For that reason, a discount on the system itself seems highly unlikely.

In lieu of a price cut, retailers will attempt to entice gamers with a range of Xbox Series X bundles. However, the bundles we’ve seen over the course of 2021 haven’t offered any savings. Instead, they have cost the usual prices of all the products included combined. We don’t expect retailers like GameStop who typically offer bundles to change this practice in time for Black Friday. 

The Xbox Series X itself may not receive a price cut this year, but that doesn’t mean that plenty of Xbox Series X games and accessories won’t go on sale. Expect some of the biggest games of the year to be available at a steep discount, and an Xbox Game Pass membership may also get a temporary price cut. 

Accessories like headsets, extra controllers, and external hard drives will also likely be discounted at multiple retailers. Black Friday will also be an ideal time to upgrade your home entertainment setup with one of the best 4K TVs. A stunning new display will really enhance your gaming on the Xbox Series X. 

Will be the Xbox Series X be discounted for Black Friday?

Throughout 2021 just being able to buy the Xbox Series X for its $499 usual price has been considered an achievement when the alternative is paying over the odds on the resale market. For that reason alone don't count on a Black Friday Xbox Series X deal that discounts the console itself.

The cheaper Xbox Series S, which has a $299 retail price, has been easier to purchase in 2021. However, it's still regularly faced lengthy stock shortages. It’s highly unlikely that the entry-level next-gen Xbox will get any form of price cut for Black Friday either. Microsoft cannot reliably fulfill the demand even at its base retail price, so the chances of a discount seem remote.

Will there be an Xbox Series X restock?

Walmart has confirmed it will offer Xbox Series X consoles on November 22 (opens in new tab) at 4 p.m. ET. This restock will be for Walmart Plus members only. If there are leftover consoles, the general public will be able to shop starting at 7 p.m. ET. 

The chances of seeing more Xbox Series X restock over the Black Friday period actually seem fairly high. During last year's sales event several retailers dropped stock of the console to draw customers to their websites. Earlier this year Amazon even held a drop to mark Prime Day. 

Make sure to bookmark our Xbox Series X restock hub which is updated daily with the latest restock information as we get it. 

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