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PJ Shirdan

PJ Shirdan

PJ Shirdan is a FightCamp Founding Coach who claims that boxing wasn’t his first love, but it saved his life. PJ grew up in the Philadelphia area and played football as a young athlete.  After a life-changing event, he found boxing as a way to heal, escape, and, ultimately, rebuild his life as he became a competitive fighter. 

PJ came to Los Angeles and continued to hone his skills as a boxer and as a NASM, ACE, and TRX Certified Personal Trainer.  He is also a USA Boxing Certified Coach. PJ began to train other boxers, UFC fighters, and athletes using a holistic approach.  This included mental and physical training, nutritional counseling, and empowering his clients with his hallmark motivational style. 

Today, he is known throughout the FightCamp Team as the go-to person to close out company-wide meetings with the same optimism and positive messages he delivers in his FightCamp workouts. When PJ isn’t filming workouts, he’s enjoying a great burger with his wife, Lindsey, and living his #BestDayEver.

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