Firefox 4 Mobile Faster than IE8 on a PC

It is the freshest browser you can use on those phones at this time - it not only comes with a  clever interface to get the most out of a 3.5-inch screen, but also some advanced features such as a syncing option between your phone and a PC (at least as far as information such as browsing history and bookmarks are concerned.)

A big deal of the browser, however, is the fact that it is based on the same architecture as the desktop version of Firefox 4, which means that it is not only a great HTML 5 web browser with the best HTML5 support of any mobile web browser in the market right now, but it also comes with the new JaegerMonkey JavaScript engine. Mozilla claims it is about three times as fast as the standard Android browser (we found it to be about 2.5 times as fast on a G2 test phone). However, we found the comparison to web browsers much more interesting.  

In fact, our Firefox 4 Mobile scored a Sunspider time of 3375 ms on an 800 MHz G2 Android phone,  which is quite stunning. IE8 required 4679 ms on a Phenom II-X6 based hexacore PC, which may be a sign how outdated IE8 really is. However, if you are using Firefox 4 Mobile, keep in mind that the browser has some disadvantages as well: Compared to the standard Android browser, Firefox 4 Mobile does not support Flash.  

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  • bhaberle
    Keyword is IE8... not IE9 =) But still impressive. Lame that it doesn't have flash support but I blame that kind of stuff on Adobe.
  • icepick314
    slow as a molasses and crashes almost every time on Archos 10 1 internet tablet...
  • techguy378
    This isn't a very fair comparison. IE 8 should have been run on Intel's very best Core i7 processor available. AMD makes really crappy PC processors.