There's an App to Tell You When to Pee During Movies

These days it seems there's an app for practically anything imaginable. Prime example: if you're tired of not knowing when to pee during movies, well, there's an app for that.

Entitled RunPee, the Android and iOS app notifies users of the best times to visit the restroom during a movie. The app recognizes the best windows to run to the restroom without actually missing any significant moments in the film.

RunPee vibrates in your pocket to let you know when the appropriate window is due to commence. It even fills you in on what you've missed during the period you were absent.

"We start looking for peetimes about 30 minutes into the movie and we stop when there's only 20-30 minutes left in the movie. For short movies of about 90 minutes there may only be one peetime. But for movies over two hours there may be 2-3 peetimes," the developer said. "Each peetime has a synopses of what happens. So if you do need to run and pee then you’ll be able to come back to the theater knowing exactly what happened while you were taking care of business."

Notable bonus features includes the likes of information on any outtakes included in the movie's credits, a synopsis of the first three minutes of a film if you arrived late, and screenshots that depict information about the movie in question from review/user ratings aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb.

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  • festerovic
    w00t saved $2.99 since I never pee!
  • lp231
    Pee before you enter the theater and don't drink too much crap like some who drinks a bucket of soda before the movie starts.
  • igot1forya
    But the bigger question is, does it tell you how to pee...
  • Other Comments
  • wolley74
    ...Really? this is how lazy we're getting?
  • masterasia
    This is news???? I've had this app installed on my phone for almost a year now.
  • festerovic
    w00t saved $2.99 since I never pee!