Murder, She Wrote and House Games Announced

In what’s probably the most unlikely television series to be made into a PC game, Legacy Interactive has announced that the company will release a game based on the mid-80s to mid-90s series, Murder, She Wrote.

Starring Angela Lansbury, Murder, She Wrote is a fast-fading memory for most of us. According to Big Download, Legacy has decided that a world without Jessica Fletcher doesn’t warrant thinking about and will launch a game featuring five mysteries with players discovering clues to murders via a light adventure-hidden object gameplay design. BD reports that Dr. Seth Hazlitt and Sheriff Mort Metzger will also appear in the game but there’s no word on whether or not original cast members will provide voices for the characters.

Legacy will also launch a game based on House, the medical drama starring Hugh Laurie. In a similar format to the upcoming Murder, She Wrote title (that feels so good to type), the House game will feature five mysteries in an adventure/hidden-object sort of affair.

What's the general consensus on these two titles? The premise for both is great (who doesn't like adventure/mystery games?) but Murder, She Wrote? We're still trying to figure out what age bracket Legacy is trying to target here. The only time I remember watching Murder, She Wrote was with my Grandma and she isn't much of a gamer.

Check out the original stories here and here.

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  • fulle
    I love the show House and all, but... as a game? Murder, She Wrote?

    They do realize that the big selling market for games is around age 14-28, males. Pretty much all of which hate Murder, She Wrote, and which only a very very small percentage of those in the upper part of the bracket might be a tiny bit interested in a House game... despite the show being excellent.

    All aboard the Fail Train! First stop, Legacy!
  • Parrdacc
    I smell failure here. I like the overall idea for casual gaming but Murder She Wrote? Besides I have not seen any games like this actually be any good to begin with. The last time I saw a game even remotely like this, that I sat down and played, was the 7th Guest and the 11th Hour. Sorry but back then I did enjoy those games for passing the time.
  • dman3k
    Sign me up to play doctor with Cameron and 13!

    Murder, She Wrote? It may work if they make it a R-rated mystery...