Commercial Space Station Hotel Operational by 2016

Orbital Technologies said that it plans to open the gates to its space hotel as the first commercial hotel floating in space above Earth in 2016.

According to the Russian firm, up to seven people can be in the hotel at the same time and enjoy some of the amenities that we are used to on the ground, including Internet access and other communication technologies. There will be no pool, of course, but then you also know that you won't go swimming as you will be too busy enjoying breathtaking views anyway.

On the downside, there won't be a shower and you will have to choose the food while you are still on the ground. Your selection will be dehydrated and launch with you into space. There will be no late-night snacking and no parties with alcohol. Orbital did not announce pricing for a stay at its hotel yet, but since we know that a short space flight will cost at least $200,000, we assume that it won't be cheap. Start saving now.

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