This $5 gadget makes moving my small appliances a breeze — here's why

An air fryer on a kitchen counter
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As Homes Content Editor, it’s no surprise that I’ve accumulated my fair share of small appliances over the years. Ranging from my go-to air fryer, juicer and Instant Pot, to my trusted coffee maker for my daily brew — it has certainly been a challenge to keep my kitchen organized

Since I store these out of sight, underneath cabinets, it had become a great effort to pull them in and out onto the countertop for each use — especially when using cooking appliances that need sufficient room to vent. What’s more, placing an air fryer in the wrong spot in the kitchen is one of the most common air fryer mistakes we often make, and can cause a potential fire or serious hazard. 

And so it’s essential to have easy access for moving appliances around — without it being a pain (literally). That was until I discovered a brilliant gadget on Amazon that would save me the back-breaking task of lifting heavy appliances around the kitchen, and make my life easier.

Handy gadget 

Black self-adhesive mini caster wheels on white kitchen counter

Black self-adhesive mini caster wheels on white kitchen counter (Image credit: Future)

These simple gadgets are self adhesive mini caster wheels, designed with 360-degree rotation, ball bearings for easy rolling on flat surfaces. The caster wheels come in different sizes, and vary in the number of ball bearings to suit your needs — from just one ball bearing up to four on each wheel.   

I found it super easy to install with no drilling involved, or any risk of damage. Simply stick the stem casters to the bottom of the object with the self-adhesive pads that come with it. Guidance recommends to wait 24 hours, to ensure these stick firmly before placing it onto a solid surface.  

Mini caster wheels on bottom of coffee machine

Mini caster wheels on bottom of coffee machine (Image credit: Future)

I had initially bought these for my bean-to-cup coffee machine (that weighed a ton), and needed regular shifting to access the fresh water tank and bean hopper located towards the back. By installing these caster wheels securely to the bottom of the machine, it allowed me to easily slide the appliance in and out from underneath the cabinet in seconds. What’s more, its swivelling mechanism meant I could quickly clean the countertop behind it, without having to lift it out of the way. Win-win!

Self Adhesive Mini Caster Wheels: now $5 @ Amazon

 Self Adhesive Mini Caster Wheels: now $5 @ Amazon
These handy wheels come with a 360-degree rotation, making it easy to move around heavy, countertop items. Simple to install, just stick the casters to the bottom of any object with the included self-adhesive tape. Designed to be sturdy, these can hold a weight capacity of 112 lbs, and available from one ball bearing up to four bearing per wheel. These also come in white and black colors to suit your items.  

Best of all, these self adhesive mini caster wheels only cost me around $5, which is a small price to pay for convenience! I’ve since bought more to add to my other appliances, and there are also wheels specifically designed for larger appliances or other items around the home. In addition, these come in handy for those suffering from arthritis, muscle pain, or have limited mobility.

Mini caster wheels on bottom of coffee machine

Mini caster wheels on bottom of coffee machine (Image credit: Future)

Before buying however, ensure that you check the right maximum load capacity to suit your specific item. Typically, four wheels together provide a maximum load capacity of 18 pounds, but you can also add more wheels if necessary. In any case, always read the guidance that comes with the products, and stick to safety precautions, such as placing it on a flat, sturdy surface. And always be mindful if you have children or pets around, who might accidentally push the appliance during use.

This cheap and cheerful gadget has certainly transformed the way I use my appliances around the kitchen, and for me, has been a worthwhile investment!

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