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Sony Offers Cable TV Online

If you subscribe to cable, chances are good that you're paying a ton of money for a handful of channels you want, and a deluge of channels that don't interest you at all. Paying for channels à-la-carte is not here just yet, but Sony has taken one of the first steps toward making it a reality. The company has made a deal with Viacom to offer 22 popular channels over the Internet.

Sony announced the initiative today (Sept. 10) via press release. The two companies have a young adult audience specifically in mind, as many of the Viacom channels cater to that demographic. Among other networks, Viacom broadcasts BET, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, VH1 and Spike. The two companies have yet to announce pricing or a solid release date for the service, but expect more information to surface before too much longer.

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Much like PlayStation Now aims to bring core gaming to the masses, Sony may now be trying the same thing with cable TV. Although the two companies did not reveal exactly how the distribution will work, it seems likely Sony to stream Viacom channels to PCs, mobile devices, PlayStation consoles and Sony smart TVs.

Customers who subscribe to Viacom channels via Sony will receive access to both live and prerecorded material — meaning individual channel apps as well as Viacom's video on-demand service.

Access to on-demand material from Viacom could be a killer app for some cord cutters, since the media company removed its entire library from Netflix last year. Viacom shows are still available via Amazon Instant Video, however.

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