Girl Arrested for Texting; Hides Phone in Butt

Image courtesy of: The Smoking Gun

Image courtesy of: The Smoking Gun

Earlier last week, an incident occurred in Wisconsin where a 14 year old girl was arrested by police officers after she was reported to the police by her school teacher for texting on her phone during class.

After the girl was caught texting by her teacher, she was requested to hand over her phone, but then refused to. Instead, the girl argued back and continued to text during her class. Frustrated at the situation, the teacher ended up calling the police, who then came to the school to question the girl. After repeated denial of ever having a phone, officer Jeffrey S. Griffin, noticed that the girl had her pant zipper undone. This lead officer Griffin to believe that the girl hid the phone in her pants.

Officer Griffin then requested for a female officer to come on location for a physical search. After a frisk down, Officer Paula Roberson retrieved a Samsung Cricket cellphone from "the buttocks area" of the girl. The girl then laughed at the situation, but was then arrested for lying to the police about not having a phone, as well as lying when the officers attempted to ask for the girl's phone number.

After examining the phone, Officer Roberson found that the girl had used the phone during class to send a text message to her dad, and the phone itself belonged to her dad.

The 14 year old girl was charged with a misdemeanor with a bail of $298 and a mandate to appear in court. The girl was not allowed to go back to school for several days, and would be charged with trespassing if she was found to be on school grounds during her suspension.

Do you think the teacher, officers and school went too far for a texting incident with a 14 year old girl? Or do you feel that justice was rightly served? Has technology gone to the point where things like SMS texting during school is considered criminal?

  • 08nwsula
    Students are disrespectful and teachers have no backbones. Instead of ever solving a problem, teachers try to "reform" students, or simply ignore them all together and send them to an office for evaluation and reconciliation. It's all a big waste of time, money, and effort. Should the girl have been texting? no. should the teacher have called the police? no. If corporal punishment were still allowed, much of these problems wouldn't exist.
  • That'll learn her.
  • williamvw
    *Lying* to the police over a cell phone after flagrant disregard for her teacher's instructions? Yeah, I'd say she had it coming. I'm the parent of two kids, and -- aside from the fact that I'd be monitoring my boys' cell usage in the first place -- I'd want them to get a little legal smack in the head for such atrocious behavior. Then I'd want someone to smack me for letting that situation develop in the first place.

    You'd think the dad would confiscate the phone at that point, but, considering where it's been, maybe he just told the police to keep it. I would. Then again, maybe that'll be a new marketing ploy for teens... "The PerpPhone -- big on features but small enough to hide in your butt." Sure hope the camera function is disabled. Eww.
  • jhansonxi
    There's probably a new teen butt pic on MySpace somewhere.
  • Icester
    I think the article missed the point (or dramatized it) - the girl didn't commit a criminal act for texting, but for disrepect, discourtesy, defiance, and disruption (all apply to both the teacher and the police).

    I do think that the teacher overreacted by calling police as its not a police matter. It should have been handled by the school. However, if that school is like most others I've seen, the school discipline process is completely ineffectual and the administration does not support the teachers - therefore, the teacher acted in the only possible way available to them to solve the problem.

    I do think that the charges against the girl are entirely appropriate. Maybe a $298 fine, misdemeanor charge, and several day suspension will garner a little respect in the future - or at least some consideration!
  • KITH
    She didn't get arrested for texting. She was arrested for lying to the police.
  • A Stoner
    Personally, I think it is overboard to arrest a kid in class for being insubordinate. The problem though is that the teacher has no other option but to bring in the police, because the rest of the school staff are too progressive to actually punish the girl for the insubordination. If the teacher had done what was needed to bring the girl into line she would be charged with a crime or at the very least been disciplined herself by the very staff members that would not discipline the girl. Thus, the progressive position of of the staff has actually been the cause of this girl's excessive punishment, and likely was the cause of her insubordination.
  • Mr_Man
    I agree with 08nwsula. Who's going to text and then talk back to the teacher about it if swats are a possibility?
  • jeremyrailton
    Should texting be considered criminal? no.
    Should complete refusal to cooperate with teachers? maybe
    Should refusing to cooperate with police officers? probably
    I've worked as a teacher before, and you don't have many enforcement tools at your disposal these days. Most kids are ok, but you have the few who will always defy authority. You can't spank them or physically force them to do anything, and I can understand the legal issues behind all that. However, what is a teacher left with to enforce the rules of the classroom? Some teachers can't even count on school administrators to support them in their disciplinary efforts anymore. So, it appears, calling the police/school resource officers is becoming a more popular option.
    What tools can a teacher use? Let's look at the popular options:
    Detention - maybe effective, but a 14-year-old girl will have to rely on parents to pick them up. Some parents are supportive, others not.
    Docking grades - Please, this girl wouldn't cooperate with teachers or police. You think she cares about her grades? After all, daddy will just call, yell, fix everything, and then buy her a new car for when she turns 16.
    Extra work - Again, she doesn't care about school. You can't make her do it.
    Send to principal's office - Depends on how good/supportive the administration is. Some might suspend her or contact her parents. Bad ones will just send her right back to class.
    Maybe this will finally send a message to kids that they should do what their teacher tells them or face serious consequences. These are tough issues that have arisen due to our society's development both legally and technologically. What's the answer? Meh, idk lol bbl jk;faoiejk
  • seboj
    A minor was frisked by an adult female officer to find a phone? I'd sue.