Samsung TVs Get Skype and Need for Speed

Video games and videoconferencing are old hat for game consoles and mobile devices, so it's not surprising that smart TV manufacturers want to get in on the action. Samsung has announced that Skype and a handful of games, including an entry from the lauded Need for Speed franchise, will make their way to Samsung smart TVs at next month's IFA conference in Berlin.

Samsung revealed this information in a blog post today (Aug. 20). The post highlighted four new apps that Samsung smart TVs will receive in September: Need for Speed Most Wanted, Real Football 2014, Golf Star and Skype.

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Need for Speed from Electronic Arts is the most remarkable game of the three. This title received high praise on other consoles and mobile devices, so as long as the port remains faithful, Samsung smart TV owners should have something fun to play. Users can play with either a remote control, a Samsung gamepad or via certain Galaxy phones and tablets.

Skype should also be a boon for users, as videoconferencing via the focal point of their living rooms may prove easier than setting up a computer, phone or tablet for the same task. Many Samsung smart TVs have HD cameras built-in, so even the tech-impaired may find the feature simple enough to use.

Tom's Guide will go hands-on with these new features at IFA next month. Stay tuned for our impressions.

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  • blackmagnum
    I had to ask... Will it run Crysis?
  • gear999
    Which Most Wanted? The original (2005) or the... uhh... reboot? (2012)? Also, how can a TV run games like a console now? The only thing I could play on TVs was Tetris and other basic stuff and that was provided by the TV reciever.