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The Expensive HD TV Designed for Outdoors

Too lazy to step indoors when the game comes on? Do you absolutely require the luxury of watching HD content away from the comforts of your humble abode? More importantly, do you have lots and lots of cash to burn? Then Runco will be quite eager to take your cash or credit!

That's because their new Climate Portfolio line of HD TVs are marketed as "weatherproof", for mounting in outdoor settings. The key is apparently Runco's "refined enclosure", designed to protect the electronic innards from evil "moisture, dust, oils, and even intermittent direct water spray".

The IP56 code specifying this level of protection essentially states that Runco's Climate Portfolio HD TV will never let dust interfere with operation (though it's not entirely sealed against dust) and that the TV can stand up against "powerful water jets".

Unfortunately, the Runco Climate Portfolio series is just one specification number away from true waterproofing. A code of IP57 would've indicated protection against submersion of up to 1 meter. That would've provide much more comfort for buyers who are willing to spend $6,495 for the 42-inch CP-42HD and a whopping $13,995 for the 52" CP-52HD.

Both TVs feature 1920 x 1080 resolution in any case, so check out Runco's site through the link below if you dare.