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Peter Jackson's Halo Project is ''Not Happening''

Microsoft and Peter Jackson said years ago that it was working on a Halo project that wasn't quite a movie or a game, but something in-between. But now, we've learned that it's become nothing at all.

Jackson told Joystiq, "That Halo project is no longer happening, it sort of collapsed when the movie didn't end up happening."

"Well, Microsoft has a whole strategy with the Halo property, and when the rights expired with the two studios, that sort of ended my involvement with the project," Jackson explained. "That fell apart because of internal politics at Fox and Universal. It had nothing to do with the budget or anything else. In fact, we hadn't even been greenlit at all at that point."

The lack of movement in the Peter Jackson/Halo project, dubbed Halo Chronicles, was reconfirmed today by the LA Times.

Microsoft has yet to comment, but if one thing is for sure, then any Halo Chronicles project still underway is without Peter Jackson's involvement.