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LG Twin Wash Machine Does Two Loads At Once

LAS VEGAS – Finding cleverly concealed hidden features in a device is usually delightful, which perhaps explains why the audience at LG's press conference reacted with such delight to its new Twin Wash system. This smart washing machine not only connects to Wi-Fi to communicate with users in real-time, but also contains a separate, smaller washing machine within for more delicate jobs.

Home appliances are not exactly the sexiest category at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), but as an LG spokesman pointed out to me, making chores more convenient leaves you more time for things you enjoy. The Twin Wash should save consumers a fair amount of time, especially those with families.

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While I didn't exactly get to go hands-on with the device (I didn't bring my laundry along to the Las Vegas Convention Center), I did get to see it in action. The top three-quarters of the twin wash system is a regular old washing machine with a plethora of different options for cycles. The bottom quarter is the unexpected part: a small, independent washing machine that's ideal for dress clothes, baby clothes, underwear or lingerie.

Like many other LG washing machines, the device also sports a full range of smart home options. Users can communicate with the machine via an LG mobile app, and instruct it to start, stop or give the status of cycles. Furthermore, users can download new cycle patterns from the Internet and implement them instantly. It will probably be the first time you've ever downloaded a firmware update for your washing machine.

The Twin Wash does not yet have a price or release date. Even though it may not sound as drones or virtual reality headsets debuting at CES 2015, it may help you free up enough time to enjoy all those cool gadgets.

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