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Digital Video Recorders: Take Control of TV

Philips DVDR-720H

A pioneer in the field of home recorders, Philips has now established itself as a specialist in digital recording. The DVDR-720H proves that; the design is very attractive and gives the product a solid, top-of-the-line look.

The technical characteristics are also top-class, with a maximum storage duration of 190 hours on the hard disk and 8 hours on a DVD. In DVD quality, that time drops to a little over 45 hours of storage on the hard disk. For DVD burning, the 720H is only compatible with the DVD+R/RW standard - but then that's not the most restrictive. Finally, this model is also capable of playing MP3 files.

The picture is beyond criticism, in both playback and recording. While the remote control is not very practical and relatively plain, using the menus is simple and effective. The interface is very intuitive, and you can configure the recorder without having to keep the user's manual in one hand.

The DVDR-720H offers simplified programming of recordings using the TV Guide technology. This lets you get information on channels and display it in the form of a program schedule. Then all you do is select a program or movie and the programming is done. Philips also includes an infrared module that can control satellite or cable demodulators, so at the start of a recording, the device automatically changes channels.

In the connectivity department, the DVDR-720H is fully equipped. On the rear are component (YUV), composite, and S-Video outputs. There are also analog and digital (optical and coaxial) audio outputs. On the front are video (RCA and S-Video) and audio inputs and an iLink port for connecting a digital camcorder.