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Wikimedia Foundation Starts Switching away From GoDaddy

At the end of last year, GoDaddy faced a boycott because of its support for the controversial SOPA bill. Among those committed to switching from GoDaddy to another provider was the Wikimedia Foundation, which declared its intentions on December 23 of last year.

Though things calmed down a bit when GoDaddy appeared to do an about-face, many of GoDaddy's customers followed through with their plan to take their business elsewhere. This week, the Wikimedia Foundation revealed that it too will go ahead with the move.

Buzzblog's Paul McNamara today points to a February 13 message from Jay Walsh, Head of Communications at WMF that was linked in the Wikimedia engineering February 2012 report published yesterday. This message confirms that Wikimedia's plans to switch away from GoDaddy's domain name services remain intact.

"Hi folks - you may have seen some media coverage recently about Wikimedia's intentions around GoDaddy. It is true that WMF is still planning to move 100% away from GoDaddy for all of its domain name services. I've been informed that we're currently working with MarkMonitor to carry out a full switch-over, which as many of you will appreciate, takes time.

"WMF is going to post to the blog and generally share this information as soon as the process is complete. Until then, it does mean that you'll see in some of our DNS registrations that GoDaddy is still listed. We're working on it :) Thanks - and stay tuned for more news in the next week."

In yesterday's engineering report, Wikimedia confirmed that the site had indeed started the process of moving its domain names from GoDaddy to MarkMonitor. We'll update you as soon as that blog post confirming the process is complete goes live.

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