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Sony Launches YouTube App for the PS Vita

As was promised earlier this month, Sony has brought a YouTube app to the PS Vita. The YouTube app will come with the standard small screen/full screen mode, along with the usual video playback options. You’ll also be able to tweak streaming quality settings, which is supported up to 720p.

Sony’s been on a push to add more video streaming apps on its newest handheld after receiving complaints about the Vita’s lack of software support… and it’s true. Outside of the Netflix app and the YouTube app that just launched today for U.S. Vita owners, there aren’t any options for video streaming on the handheld. Hopefully, we’ll start seeing apps for Hulu+, Crackle, and Amazon Instant start rolling around in a few months.

  • tubers
    Sweet! :).. Now to wait for another 50 dollar gift card promo with the VITA wifi.. (happened at least 3 times already since US launch)

    or better yet.. a permanent price drop!
  • hoofhearted
    This should have been standard fare at launch.
  • steved54321
    That's cool but pretty late addition. As a Vita Wifi owner, I do feel like the Vita has been rushed as in sent out without much games and apps. Although I'm sure there will be great games, there should have been at least a ton of apps like Youtube to begin with. I almost feel like it's a brick collecting dust...
  • gigantor21
    hoofheartedThis should have been standard fare at launch.
    Exactly. How they thought putting it out 5 months after release was a good idea is beyond me.