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Spotted: A T-Mobile Sidekick 4G

T-Mobile has already confirmed the Sidekick 4G. Still, until now, we’ve had no idea what the device will look like. Will it stay true to the old design, or will we see something completely new?

Here’s your answer:

Rumor has it, it’ll run on Android, and that the display is actually a touchscreen. We assume this means there will be the choice to use an on-screen keyboard or the physical keypad for when you’re feeling a little wordier. Aesthetically, it looks a bit dated. The old Sidekick was manufactured by Sharp, but this one is supposedly being made by Samsung. We get the feeling that the company wanted to play homage to the Sidekicks of years gone by, perhaps to appeal to fans of the device, but we’re not exactly digging the result. Surprising, considering Samsung has some beautiful Android handsets out there at the moment.

No word on price or release date just yet.