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Nintendo DS Flash Cards are Legal Says Judge

Max Console reports that Nintendo lost its case against the Divineo group in Paris, France. Nintendo originally filed suit against the company over flash cards it manufactures for the Nintendo DS, wanting the court to force Divineo to halt production. However the French judge wasn't convinced by Nintendo's plea, and ruled that developers should be allowed to develop applications for the platform "at their own free will."

Although the court documents have not been provided, Max Console reports that the Judge accused Nintendo of illegally locking out developers from its consoles. In fact, the platforms should follow Microsoft's Windows operating system, allowing developers to create applications for anyone to use.

Thus, the ruling indirectly makes flash cards perfectly legal for the Nintendo DS, offering developers a place to store the applications they can now create. This also may indicate that DS developers are no longer required to purchase development kits. Additionally, the ruling may allow developers to "hack" into a system that shouldn't be locked in the first place.

We look forward to seeing how this ruling effects the industry worldwide, as this could change console development in a big way.

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