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Avatar 3D Blu-ray Discs on eBay for $400

Wednesday Panasonic announced that the Blu-ray 3D Disc version of James Cameron's AVATAR is now available exclusively in the Panasonic 3D Full HD Ultimate Pack that's currently bundled with Panasonic's new (2010) VIERA VT Series and GT Series Full HD 3D Plasma TVs.

What makes this deal so hot is that AVATAR fans can't find the 3D version on Blu-ray anywhere. It also means that it's the perfect time to throw those hard-to-find discs on eBay and charge an insane amount of money. As seen here, sellers are offering the "exclusive" movie for a hefty price-- one current listing has a bid for $246.50 while another has a solid "Buy It Now" price of $399.99.

Keep in mind that Panasonic's 3D Full HD Ultimate Pack is valued at $399.95, however the package also includes two extra pairs of rechargeable Panasonic 3D Eyewear shutter glasses. According to the eBay listings, buyers are only receiving the actual sealed movie and not the additional two sets of specs. One eBay seller even tries to stay somewhat true to Panasonic by selling the James Cameron movie along with a pair of Samsung 3D TV specs for a meager $359.00.

"The photo is not the item for sale but merely a picture I took of modern day real Tigers," the listing reads. "If you or your kids like Tigers at the Zoo they will love this Blu-ray 3D. The Blu-ray 3D has animated creatures viewable in 3D on your 3D TV."

Oh boy.