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HDTV Unveiled: Q&A With A Video Wizard

The Wizard Revisited

Back in January, Tom’s Guide spoke with Joel Silver, co-founder and president of the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF), to learn about TV calibration. A lot of people blow off calibration, thinking what they see on their TVs is good enough. But if you could spend a couple of minutes to make it even better, why wouldn’t you? The benefits of calibration can also save you money. When I bought my 50" plasma a few years back, not understanding calibration and how it should be implemented cost me about $2,000. I bought what was supposedly the best set on the market, but if I’d seen the second- or third-best unit properly calibrated in a showroom, I could have saved a ton of greenbacks.

In a world where media-viewing technology sometimes seems determined to seek the lowest common denominator, the ISF is the consumer’s advocate for quality. Calibration is only a tiny part of the valuable story Joel Silver has to tell, though. If you value video quality and want a better viewing experience, even from equipment you already own, read on.