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Guitar Hero: Reality TV Show; WoW: The Movie?

Yesterday pretty much every tech writer on the planet agreed that Activision was guilty of milking the Guitar Hero franchise for all it was worth when the company announced that it would be bringing us more Hero action with Guitar Hero 5, Guitar Hero: Val Halen, DJ Hero, Band Hero and Guitar Hero: Smash Hits.

Most of the comments we got were somewhere along the lines of, “Enough already!” but who’s to say the exhausted franchise couldn’t use a reality TV series or even a tour to spice things up?

Reuters today reports, citing “people familiar with the matter,” that Guitar Hero could become a reality TV show and/or a real-life concert tour. What’s worse, Reuters’ sources didn’t stop there. Apparently Activision's “cross-platform interests” don't come to an abrupt halt at Guitar Hero. Discussions are under way to turn World of Warcraft and Call of Duty video games into movies. "They are being talked about for the big screen," said a person with knowledge of the details.

According to Reuters, when asked about the Hero franchise, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick said, "It might make for a good TV show or a good concert tour," adding that the game was cutting into peoples’ TV time.

So how ‘bout it? Who wants to watch people who are really good at Guitar Hero play Guitar Hero on TV? Or worse, pay to go and see someone else play Guitar Hero. I think I speak for everyone when I say *shudder*.