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Scuf Made the PS4 Elite Controller I've Always Wanted

Ever since Microsoft released the Elite Controller for the Xbox One,PlayStation 4 players have wished for a similar pro-style controller. And while Sony hasn't given that to us for the PS4, it appears that Scuf Gaming might.

Credit: Scuf Gaming

(Image credit: Scuf Gaming)

The Scuf Vantage, which can be pre-ordered on Scuf's website for $169.95 for a wired model and $199.95 for a wireless version, is entirely configurable with removable back paddles, an interchangeable d-pad or control disc, hair triggers, trigger stops and extenders and removable vibration modules. THe controllers will ship this summer.

The faceplate also comes off, if you want to change that out for something else. A remapping switch lets you set buttons however you like for a customized play experience. It also comes with a carrying case, which is appreciated considering the price.

Scuf is really pushing its programmable "Sax" buttons, (one to the left of L1, the other to the right of R2), where your fingers naturally lay for extra control. We hope to get to try one in our lab to see if it's as useful as the company says.

While we don't see a whole lot of officially licensed wireless PS4 controllers, it appers the Vantage has a downside over the DualShock 4: it needs to be in wired mode to use the built-in speaker and headphone jack. There's also an audio touch bar to adjust sound on the fly that requires using the wired model or the wireless version in wired mode.

The Vantage appears meatier than the regular DualShock, which should make for better ergonomics, and has a grippy back which should prevent sweat during long gaming sessions.