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Razer Project Ariana Projects Video Games Into Your Living Room

For many in the gaming industry, Razer Chroma conjures up fond images of vivid, technicolor splendor that adorn the company's keyboards, mice, headsets and more recently laptops. But if Razer has its way, the customizable backlighting is on the verge of an evolution. The company has recently unveiled Project Ariana, which uses Chroma's brilliant RGB lighting for room projection.

Targeting gamers searching for a more immersive gaming experience without having to shell out exorbitant fees on the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

Key Specs:

  • The Project Ariana concept is a high-end definition video projector.
  • The concept uses an ultra-wide fish-eye lens, a pair of 3D depth-sensing cameras and powerful processing capabilities to blanket your room with your favorite video game. 
  • Using proprietary software in conjunction with the depth-sensing cameras, Project Ariana calibrates itself to create the optimal project despite any furniture in the room
  • Works in tandem with smart bulbs like the Philips Hue.

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Why You Should Care:

Although it's currently a concept, if Project Ariana ever makes it to market, it could potentially be a less expensive option for enhanced game immersion compared to current VR headsets. Thanks to the depth-sensing cameras and proprietary software, Ariana could do a solid projection of your game despite the room size.

First Impressions:

At first glance, Project Ariana looks like a funky space sting ray. Weird aesthetic aside, the lighting and projection is impressive. The demo started off with the strategically-placed Philips Hue flashing in several different colors. After a few minutes, I was lulled into a relative calm while the Razer rep running the demo started playing Shadow Warrior 2. All of a sudden, the wall surrounding the television turned into an extension of what I was seeing on the screen. The players arms extended from the TV onto the wall along with the surrounding area. Explosions from the resulting battle bloomed on the wall in impressive reddish-orange bursts. It really felt like I was sitting in the middle of the game and it was glorious.


Razer's Project Ariana is a bold step forward towards blending the real world with a video game. Using video projection to create an immersive gaming environment could potentially be a more cost-effective solution to current methods.