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Razer's New Mouse Mat Will Light Up Your Life

If you're hellbent on making sure every last piece of your gaming rig lights up in cool colors, Razer has you covered. The company's new Firefly peripheral is a $60 hard mouse mat that lights up around its edges, allowing you to sync up with your Razer Chroma mouse or keyboard to create the ultimate accessory light show. 

The Firefly's 14 x 10-inch, 0.84-pound design is signature Razer, with a hard, black surface, a green Razer logo at the top right and any number of user-controlled colors spewing out of its sides. The Firefly is not just there to look pretty -- according to Razer, the pad's "micro-textured" finish is built to be highly responsive and accurate, with a rubber base designed to prevent slipping.

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Razer's new mouse mat requires a USB connection to light up, and offers five different lighting effects. Wave spins a rainbow-like streak of colors around the mat; Spectrum Cycling slowly shifts between all colors; Breathing fades one or two colors in and out; and the self-explanatory Static mode keeps one color active at all times. The Firefly's Reactive effect is perhaps the most intriguing, as it makes the mouse mat light up every time it detects pressure from a Razer mouse.

If you've already got a Razer Chroma-branded mouse or keyboard, you can sync up the Firefly's lighting effects with that of your other peripherals to achieve complete spectral harmony. As with other Razer accessories, you can tweak the Firefly's settings using the company's free Synapse software. 

The Firefly is just about the only mouse pad with system requirements, but considering that all you need is Windows XP or newer (or Mac OS X) and 100MB of free storage (presumably for the Synapse hub), you should be good. If you want your gaming rig to look even more like a scene out of Tron (and are willing to give up $60 and a USB port for a mouse pad) Firefly might be worth keeping on your radar. We look forward to testing the Firefly with our myriad gaming mice and keyboards once the accessory ships on June 2.

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