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Nintendo Switch Is Much Pricier Than You Think

If you thought you were going to pick up a Nintendo Switch, a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and another, cheaper game to play on the side, you'll be disappointed. It appears that there's nothing less than $50 in the console's launch line-up.

Credit: Sam Rutherford / Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Sam Rutherford / Tom's Guide)

Konami announced that both the retail and download version of Super Bomberman R, its literally explosive party-arcade game will cost $50. 1-2 Switch, Nintendo's collection of mini-games showing off what the Joy-Con controllers can do will also run you $50. Many fans were surprised the latter isn't packed in with the system, and Bomberman doesn't appear to be shaping up to be a triple-A title that usually commands such a high price.

The rest of the line up, including Zelda, Just Dance 2017 and Skylanders Imaginators will cost a predictable $60, which means that when the system first launches, there will be no impulse buys. Add in the prices of accessories and controllers, which run more than what competitors charge ($30 for a charging grip, $70 for a Pro Controller and $80 for an extra set of Joy-Cons), and the first day owning a Switch is a very expensive one.

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Despite the $300 price for the console, adding in two games and an extra set of Joy-Cons brings you close to $500 quickly, and that's without a Pro-Controller or charging cradle.

But Nintendo's most diehard fans might be willing to take a hit to the wallet.

"Most consumers buy 2 to 3 titles when they buy a console...  Switch will see a lower attach rate because of the limited number of games available March 3, but should attach at the low end of that range," said Michael Pachter, managing director of equity research at Webush Securities. "We’re not talking about big sales, given that Nintendo is only shipping 2 million hardware units in March.  There are enough Nintendo fans to soak the initial shipment and to buy two games apiece."

There is one cheaper game on the horizon. Nintendo's own Snipperclips will cost $20, but it won't be ready on the March 3 launch. In fact, it has no specific release date other than March 2017, but at least there will be something affordable in the first month.