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Fortnite's Playground Mode Is Here: What You Need to Know

Ever wish you could practice your Fortnite skills without the worry of being shot down by other players five minutes into a match? The game's new limited-time Playground mode is for you.

Credit: Epic Games

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Available now in Fortnite's version 4.5 patch, Playground mode provides a relaxed environment where you and your friends can sharpen up your shooting and build the wildest structures of your dreams. Here's what you need to know.

What is Fortnite Playground mode?

Fortnite's Playground mode lets you and up to three friends drop onto the game's map for an hour, where you can play, build and goof off as you wish. Friendly fire is on, so you and you friends can battle each other, but don't worry -- you'll respawn after getting killed. 

In Playground, the game's match-ending storm doesn't start closing in until 55 minutes into your session and takes 5 minutes to fully close in, so you'll be able to play around without the pressure of the map getting smaller. Resources gather at 10 times the normal rate, which should make it easy for you to practice building walls, towers, staircases and any other structures you can dream up. Chests & ammo boxes will spawn frequently, and 100 colorful llama pinatas will be scattered throughout the map to provide extra loot.

Why should I play Playground Mode?

Considering Fortnite doesn't have a proper training mode, Playground is the closest thing you'll get. It seems especially ideal for beginners who want to better grasp the game's mechanics without the pressure of a real match, though it could also be useful for more advanced players looking to master certain areas of the map. And if you're especially keen on Fortnite's building mechanics, Playground provides a laid-back environment for practicing your tower builds for actual matches or just building something cool and creative for the sake of it.

How long will Playground mode last?

Epic hasn't put an end date on Playground, but like most of Fortnite's limited-time events, we expect it to last anywhere from a few days to a week. Also like other limited-time events, we expect Playground to pop back into rotation every now and then.