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Razer Serval Brings Console Controls to Android Gaming

Back at this year's CES, we saw Razer's solution to making Android games easier to play and now you can actually buy it. The Razer Serval Bluetooth gaming controller is available now on Google Play for $79.

The gamepad essentially frees your hands from the screen of your smartphone by putting physical controls at your fingertips. The Serval looks much like a regular console controller, with two analog sticks, a direction pad, four buttons on the front and four shoulder buttons. At the top is a holster where you can attach your Android smartphone to use as your main display. When we went hands-on with the device at CES, we were impressed by its solid build and stylish design.

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In addition to making it easier for you to play Android games on the go, the Serval is part of Razer's Forge TV set-top box system. The gamepad connects via USB or Bluetooth to a Forge hub, and lets you play Android games on your TV.

Razer's new controller seems ideal for anyone who wants play Android games on the big screen via Forge, as well as those who want console-style controls on the go. The peripheral maker recently purchased Android console company Ouya, suggesting that it might be looking to make an even bigger push towards living room gaming in the future.

The Serval is ready to purchase from Google and directly from Razer for $79 today.

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